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The connection between diabetes and hearing loss

Woman checking her blood sugar with glucose meter

If you’re one of the more than 30 million Americans who has diabetes, you may want to keep a close watch on your hearing.


How hearing loss treatment can help Alzheimer's patients

Grandfather doing a puzzle with child

Hearing loss adds a layer of complication to a diagnosis of dementia. Treatment with hearing aids or ALDs can improve quality of life for adults with Alzheimer's and other dementias.


How to use headphones with hearing aids

Man listening to headphones with eyes closed

With all of the different headphones on the market today, which ones work best with hearing aids? That all depends upon what type of hearing aids you wear.


Hearing assistance dogs are changing lives

hearing assistance dog out in public

Some furry, four-legged friends are much more than housepets, providing service for individuals with a wide range of disabilities including those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.


New hotline for parents of kids with hearing loss

close-up of computer keyboard and headset

AG Bell’s Julie Swaim is putting her personal experience of raising a son with hearing loss to work for other parents who find themselves in the same situation.


Educational audiologist: an important resource for your child with hearing loss

Children huddled around teacher

Because educational audiology is a related service under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), your child is entitled to have access to an EdAud.


Pulses of light restored hearing in gerbils

red laser beam

Using light to target hearing issues may sound farfetched, but it’s not. Scientists say the new field of optogenetics could create cochlear implants that give people more natural hearing abilities.


Wearing earplugs can be cool

otogear noise protection

Most hearing loss is preventable. Shari Eberts tells you how easy (and cool!) it can be to wear hearing protection that can prevent hearing loss.


Swedish study finds improved hearing in older adults

Sweden skyline view

A recent study in Sweden offers more evidence that hearing loss is not inevitable. Find out why prevalence of hearing loss is on the decline in Sweden.


HLAA convention offers support and fellowship to people with hearing loss

HLAA 2018 convention

Hundreds of people with hearing loss gathered for the 2018 HLAA convention dedicated to hearing loss advocacy, fellowship and camaraderie.

Hearing Center Interview

Healthy Hearing conversation | Dr. Phyllis Stern-Weisman

Dr. Phyllis

As the owner of North Suburban Hearing Service, in Niles, Illiinois, Dr. Stern-Weisman delivers a customized and creative experience to make sure her patients are always hearing their best.


Oticon’s restaurant noise dilemma survey

restaurant noise

Restaurants have become increasingly noisy. Find out about the restaurant noise dilemma and how to enjoy a night out even in the noisiest venues.


Social security disability and hearing loss

social security and hearing loss

If hearing loss is preventing you from working, find out if you qualify for important Social Security benefits and learn how to apply.


The link between hearing loss and high healthcare costs

hearing loss hospital

Hearing loss doesn't only affect your communication. Recent research says it can increase hospitalization and out-of-pocket healthcare costs.


What is a decibel?


Decibels are a logarithmic way to express sound intensity or loudness. Learn about the decibel scale, the decibel levels of common sounds and how to prevent hearing loss.


Retirement planning? Don't forget about cost of hearing aids

retirement planning hearing health

Add these hearing health strategies to your retirement plans while you're still working so that you can hear your best in retirement.


Hearing loss and accidental injury

hearing loss and injury

A new study explores the connection between hearing loss and the risk of accidental injury.


Turner syndrome and hearing loss

Turner syndrome

Turner syndrome affects 1 of every 2000-4000 female births and can cause hearing loss. Learn about Turner syndrome, available resources and how to find help for hearing loss.


The history of hearing aid design

hearing aid history

Today's hearing aids are marvels of technology. Take a look back in history to see the fascinating evolution of the modern hearing device.


National Repeat Day: are your ears ready to celebrate?

repeat day

Celebrating National Repeat Day this June can be great fun unless untreated hearing loss is the reason you need so much repetition.


Top myths about hearing loss

hearing loss myths

Don't let misconceptions about hearing loss stand in the way of hearing your best. Learn the facts behind these common hearing loss myths.


Summer holiday healthy hearing guide

summer holiday hearing care

Regardless of your summer plans, remember: it’s never a good idea to take a vacation from hearing health. Check out our tips for optimal hearing health for your summer holidays.


Creating a hearing loss friendly wedding

hearing loss weddings

It's wedding season! If you're planning a summer wedding, we've got tips to ensure your guests with hearing loss will have the same great experience as the rest of your guests.


Hearing aid handling skills not necessarily related to experience

A woman tries on a hearing aid

Contrary to what you may think, experienced hearing aid wearers may have even more difficulty with basic maintenance and handling skills than new wearers,

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