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I can hear, just not clearly. Do I have hearing loss?

A woman tries to listen to a speaker in a group meeting.

Do you feel like you can hear but can't understand words? This may mean you have high-frequency hearing loss--or even something unrelated, like an auditory processing problem.


Pros and cons of hearing aids with rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable hearing aids on a charging dock

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of rechargeable hearings aids can go a long way to helping you and your hearing care practitioner pick the best battery style for you. 


From bookish to social: What it's like to get hearing aids in your 30s

A quote about one woman's experience getting hearing aids.

How hearing aids helped me transform from a bookish girl to a social adult, fully participating in gatherings and work events.


How to pick the best audiologist

A patient with her audiologist.

When you are trying to find the perfect audiologist, there are several things you should take into consideration. Let Healthy Hearing help you find an audiologist or hearing aid specialist near you.


The best apps for learning sign language

students in a classroom learning ASL

We've rounded up the highest-rated apps for iPhone and Android users who want to learn American Sign Language, or ASL.


Do you have hearing loss and tinnitus? These coping strategies can help

A man relaxes in the grass.

Even with normal hearing, tinnitus can severely disrupt your quality of life. But when hearing loss is also part of the equation, it can be utterly devastating. Here's how to feel better.


How to prevent hearing loss from headphones or earbuds

A woman on a subway train listens to music via earbuds.

Using headphones or earbuds puts you at an increased risk of hearing loss. Find out why—and how to prevent hearing loss with safer options.


The best apps for phone captioning

CapTel app

Smartphone apps provide people with hearing loss on-the-go captioning services with in-call and movie options. Here are some of the top picks for best captioning apps.


Can exercise cause hearing loss or tinnitus?

Illustration explaining how exercise can damage hearing.

Exercise is beneficial to the body and mind, but find out why heavy exertion paired with loud music can lead to hearing loss or tinnitus. 


Hearing loss and rare diseases: What's the connection?

Margo and her daughter Edith

It's not uncommon for rare diseases and genetic syndromes to cause hearing loss. Fortunately, hearing aids and other treatments often help.


The best smartphone decibel meter apps to measure noise levels

apps for measuring noise levels

How do you know when loud is too loud? Here are some great decibel and sound meter smartphone apps for measuring noise levels.


Swimmer's ear can lead to temporary hearing loss

swimmer's ear

Swimmer's ear can lead to pain and temporary hearing loss. Find out what swimmer's ear is, its symptoms and how it's treated here.


Tinnitus: Could your diet be the culprit?

A salt shaker

Here's how to find out if something you're eating or drinking is contributing to your tinnitus.


5 quality of life hacks for tinnitus sufferers

A woman puts in earplugs.

Living with tinnitus is a challenge, but there are lots of helpful life hacks you can do right now to improve quality of life with tinnitus.


Hearing aids with domes: Are they right for me?

An example of a receiver in the ear (RITE) hearing aid with a dome.

Some hearing aids come with domes that sit snugly inside your ear. They're best suited for people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss.


What are hearing aid earmolds?

An example of a hearing aid with a custom earmold that fits inside the ear.

Some hearing aids come with custom-fit earmolds that sit snugly inside your ear. Learn why an earmold might be the best option for you and how to troubleshoot any problems.


Five habits that can harm your hearing health

A person holding a drink and a cigarette.

Need a reason to improve your health and break some bad habits? These five bad health habits in particular are all linked to hearing loss.


The dog ate my hearing aid! Surprising ways people lose their hearing aids

A curious dog looks at the camera

Hearing aids are easy to lose. Here's how to keep your hearing aids safe, and what to do if you lose your hearing aids.


7 surprising risk factors for hearing loss

A man cups his ear to hear better.

Some risk factors for hearing loss are understandable—think aging, excessive noise exposure, or traumatic brain injury—but other risks aren’t always so obvious.


Vaping and hearing loss: Is there a link?

A teenager uses a vaping ecigarette.

With reports of vaping and sudden hearing loss on the rise, what does the evidence say?


Viagra and hearing loss

A man holds a Viagra tablet.

Research shows that Viagra and similar drugs increase your risk of sudden hearing loss, tinnitus and dizziness.


Hearing aids for profound hearing loss

A woman wearing an Oticon Dynamo power hearing aid

If you have severe or profound hearing loss, your hearing care professional will likely recommend power or super power hearing aids. Today's power models are small and discreet.


Obesity and hearing loss: What's the connection?

obesity and hearing loss

Obesity may increase the risk of other health conditions that are linked to hearing loss, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. 


Can CBD treat tinnitus?

CBD oil and a cannabis plant

Medical science says the jury is still out on CBD, but some tinnitus sufferers say they have all the proof they need.

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