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I hate my hearing aids. What do I do?

A woman with a hearing aid talks to a friend.

Hate your new hearing aids? That's a pretty common reaction, but don't give up. Here's how to learn how to love them instead.


Microtia and atresia: When ears don't develop fully

baby with microtia and atresia

Microtia is a rare birth defect that affects the external ears. It also can cause hearing loss and generally requires ongoing medical care from an ENT and an audiologist.


Why anxiety often accompanies balance disorders, and what to do about it

A dizzy woman copes with an anxiety attack.

Chronic vertigo, dizziness, and disequilibrium are often caused by vestibular disorders and tend to go hand in hand with anxiety. Here's how to get a handle on both.


Causes of sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL)

A woman struggles to hear a friend speaking.

Learn about the many different causes of sensorineural hearing loss, the most common type of hearing loss.


Ten questions to ask your hearing health professional

Audiologist discussing hearing aids with a couple

Use these ten questions to start the dialogue with your hearing healthcare professional at your initial hearing evaluation.


Shooter's ear: Hearing loss caused by gunfire

A woman shoots skeet.

For shooting and hunting enthusiasts, even one unprotected blast of gunfire can cause permanent damage. Over time, a condition known as "shooter's ear" can develop. Find out how to protect your hearing when you shoot.


How to remove ear wax from your hearing aids

Demonstration of how to use earwax guards on a hearing aid.

Earwax build-up is a common cause of hearing aid malfunction. Using these tips for keeping hearing aids clean of ear wax can help prevent unnecessary clinic visits and frustrating hearing aid repairs.


Understanding the various parts of a hearing aid

Illustration of a hearing aid

Becoming familiar with the various parts of your hearing aid can help reduce repair costs and prolong the life of your device.


Why do my ears itch and what can I do about it?

Illustration explaining why ears get itchy

Itchy ears can be annoying but they shouldn’t prevent you from wearing your hearing devices as prescribed.


October is Audiology Awareness Month

Audiologist looking in ear with otoscope

The American Academy of Audiology started Audiology Awareness Month in 2008 as a means of bringing awareness to hearing health and the importance of hearing protection.


Why you shouldn't clean your ears with a cotton swab or Q-Tip

Illustration explaining how to clean your ears

Even if you have very waxy ears, don't attempt to clean them until you read this.


How I manage Meniere's symptoms with a low-sodium diet

Tips for managing Meniere's with a low-salt diet

Tips for transitioning to a low-sodium diet to help you get a handle on your Meniere's symptoms.


Why two hearing aids are better than one

 two hearing aids

Wearing two hearing aids makes sense if you have hearing loss in both ears. Here are all the reasons why two is better than one.


Should you try acupuncture for hearing loss or tinnitus?

Image of an ear with acupuncture needles, and the question

Although Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners have been using acupuncture to treat hearing loss and deafness for centuries, most medical professionals caution that further study is required.


Diplacusis: Understanding 'double' hearing

Infographic showing types of diplacusis.

Sometimes called "double hearing," diplacusis is a form of hearing loss that causes our ears to hear sounds so differently it creates a disturbing two-sound experience.


Buyer beware: Hearing amplifiers are not hearing aids

A woman wearing a hearing aid

The price of personal sound amplification devices (PSAP) may be tempting, but using them in place of hearing aids may be damaging to your hearing health.


Hearing aids and background noise: Overcoming the battle

A man in a busy airport

Automatically filtering out background noise can be especially difficult if you have hearing loss and wear hearing aids.


Hearing loss in one ear

A woman receives an ear exam.

Hearing loss in one ear and single-sided deafness can affect your hearing in unique ways, primarily because it's harder to localize where sounds are coming from.


How to get started with tinnitus sound therapy

A man listens to his phone

Using external noise to retrain the way the brain interprets tinnitus sound can go a long way in helping reduce the annoyance and frustration associated with the condition.


Eleven strategies to improve sleep when you have tinnitus

A wide-awake woman copes with insomnia.

There are few things in life more frustrating than tossing and turning in bed when you just want ...


How to treat temporary hearing loss

woman holding hand up to ear as if in discomfort

Temporary hearing loss has many potential causes. Treating it depends on the underlying problem. Here are some options for dealing with it quickly.


Essential oils for tinnitus and hearing loss: Will they help?

Image asking if essential oils can help hearing loss and tinnitus

Many articles make claims about essential oils for hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo and ear infections. Find out what the research says.


5 early signs of hearing loss

A woman receives a hearing exam

How can you tell if you have hearing loss? Only a qualified hearing health professional can tell you for sure, but here are five signs you may not be hearing your best.


Tinnitus and suicidal thoughts: What to do when life feels overwhelming

Tips for suicidal thoughts

For people with severe or persistent tinnitus, suicidal thoughts can occur. Learn how to recognize the signs and tips for coping.

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