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Understanding hidden hearing loss

Signs of hidden hearing loss

Hidden hearing loss is a type of hearing loss that originates in the brain (instead of the ears) and isn't detectable on standard hearing tests. People with hidden hearing loss struggle to hear in real-world situations, but are able to pass a hearing test without any problems.



Anatomy of the middle ear

Tympanometry is a type of test that measures the function of the middle ear. It can help rule out certain types of hearing loss and may be used to determine whether hearing aids would be a useful treatment.


10 common myths about tinnitus

A man grips his head.

When it comes to tinnitus, can you separate fact from fiction? Dispelling these top 10 myths will help get your tinnitus under control faster.


At 89 years old, my father finally got hearing aids—and his life was transformed

An image of a man smiling, after getting hearing aids.

After three bike accidents in a row, the writing was on the wall: My father's hearing loss was making him unsafe, not to mention depressed, and increasingly isolated. The good news? Hearing aids rapidly improved his life for the better.


Vitamins and hearing health

Image showing vegetables

Vitamins play an important role in keeping us healthy, but do any specifically protect our hearing? Here's what the research says.


Life after tinnitus habituation: What to expect

A woman drinks coffee at her desk.

Here's what to expect after you habituate to tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. Lasting relief is possible, but it's important to know that it's not a cure. Setbacks and tinnitus flare-ups are possible.


What this Millennial wants others to know about his bone-anchored hearing system

Kevin Hotaling

Fresh off a new upgrade to his bone-anchored hearing system, Kevin Hotaling encourages other young adults to seek the best technology available to treat their hearing loss.


Slight hearing loss linked to cognitive decline in new study

A woman struggles to hear her friend speaking.

A study showed that cognitive decline linked to hearing loss may begin when a person's hearing loss is "good but not perfect," indicating the need to take mild hearing loss more seriously, since health impacts may begin before hearing aids would normally be recommended.


What is dual sensory impairment?

A woman gets her hearing checked.

When a person can't hear or see well, it's known as dual sensory impairment. While common among older adults, dual sensory impairment should not be shrugged off as a consequence of old age.


Experimental hearing loss drug enters next phase of testing

Image showing the middle and inner ear highlighted.

If it proves effective and safe in further clinical trials, the drug could one day be used to treat noise-induced hearing loss and sudden sensorineural hearing loss.


What surgeries can correct hearing loss?

A surgical team in an operating room.

You may wonder if there are any surgeries that correct hearing loss. Here are the common ear surgeries that can restore lost hearing from specific causes.


Can a healthy diet reduce your risk of hearing loss? Here's what the research says

Quote from Dr. Sharon Curhan on hearing loss and a healthy diet.

Large studies looking at women's dietary choices and hearing loss have found an interesting pattern among those who report following diets like the Mediterranean diet and the lower-sodium DASH diet.


More engaged, assertive and confident: Lucy's bone-anchored hearing story

Lucy, who wears a bone-anchored hearing system from Oticon Medical

Thanks to the Oticon Ponto System, she tumbles more confidently toward her dream of making the USA Gymnastics team.


Brain fog coping strategies and techniques

A man whose head has been replaced by fog.

Brain fog is a type of fluctuating cognitive impairment that can affect people suffering from vestibular disorders and other health conditions as well. Coping techniques can make it more manageable.


'How can he hear you but not me?' Hearing loss tested my family in surprising ways

Image showing author's uncle and mother, as part of a series on hearing loss and families

In Healthy Hearing's Left Unspoken series, author Diedre Johnson shares the ups and downs that her uncle's hearing loss wrought on the family.


Three steps for getting active with hearing health in the New Year

A man gets a hearing exam.

We’ve identified three easy steps to be proactive with hearing health this year — for you as well as for those you love.


Some life-saving antibiotics may cause hearing loss and balance problems

A patient receives IV antibiotics in an ICU.

A certain class of antibiotics that includes the drugs streptomycin and vancomycin are linked to causing hearing loss and balance problems.


The importance of Deaf culture

hands signing

The language shared by people in the Deaf community is complex and complete, their social interactions are inclusive and personal – so please don’t try to fix them.


Cochlear dead zones: A rare form of hearing loss

An article image

A look at a rare condition that causes "hearing holes" in a narrow range of sound.


Using hearing aids to your advantage during the holidays

Two friends chat, one is wearing a hearing aid

The holiday season is short. Why miss a minute of the sounds you love most?


What is reverse-slope (low frequency) hearing loss?

Audiogram depicting reverse slope or low-frequency hearing loss

Reverse-slope hearing loss, also known as low-frequency hearing loss, is a rare type of hearing loss that makes it harder to hear low-pitched sounds such as men's voices and thunder. Find out how it affects your hearing and what you can do about it.


Five things you may not know about your hearing

A woman puts in her hearing aids.

Five surprising facts about hearing, ranging from what happens to when sound enters our ears to why hearing loss can actually be exhausting. When it comes to hearing, our ears aren’t the only ones working hard to get the message across.


I have hearing loss. Why do loud sounds startle me?

A woman talks to her audiologist about sound sensitivity.

Find out why some people with hearing loss find certain ranges of sound uncomfortable, startling or even painful, a phenomenon known as recruitment.


How to support someone with tinnitus

A woman hugs a loved one.

Does someone you love have tinnitus? You may feel powerless to help, but good news: You do have the power to help, both directly and indirectly, in ways that actually make a difference.

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