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Buyer beware: Hearing amplifiers are not hearing aids

A woman wearing a hearing aid

The price of personal sound amplification devices (PSAP) may be tempting, but using them in place of hearing aids may be damaging to your hearing health.


Hearing aids and background noise: Overcoming the battle

A man in a busy airport

Automatically filtering out background noise can be especially difficult if you have hearing loss and wear hearing aids.


Hearing loss in one ear

A woman receives an ear exam.

Hearing loss in one ear and single-sided deafness can affect your hearing in unique ways, primarily because it's harder to localize where sounds are coming from.


How to get started with tinnitus sound therapy

A man listens to his phone

Using external noise to retrain the way the brain interprets tinnitus sound can go a long way in helping reduce the annoyance and frustration associated with the condition.


Eleven strategies to improve sleep when you have tinnitus

A wide-awake woman copes with insomnia.

There are few things in life more frustrating than tossing and turning in bed when you just want ...


How to treat temporary hearing loss

woman holding hand up to ear as if in discomfort

Temporary hearing loss has many potential causes. Treating it depends on the underlying problem. Here are some options for dealing with it quickly.


Essential oils for tinnitus and hearing loss: Will they help?

Image asking if essential oils can help hearing loss and tinnitus

Many articles make claims about essential oils for hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo and ear infections. Find out what the research says.


5 early signs of hearing loss

A woman receives a hearing exam

How can you tell if you have hearing loss? Only a qualified hearing health professional can tell you for sure, but here are five signs you may not be hearing your best.


Tinnitus and suicidal thoughts: What to do when life feels overwhelming

Tips for suicidal thoughts

For people with severe or persistent tinnitus, suicidal thoughts can occur. Learn how to recognize the signs and tips for coping.


8 tips for dealing with restaurant noise when you wear hearing aids

A group of people eat in a noisy restaurant.

If you are missing half of what is being said due to a noisy restaurant, here are some hearing tips to keep you in the conversation while out on the town.


The AidKeeper: One man's journey to create an indestructible hearing aid case

Calvin Huit with AidKeeper models

If you're looking for a hearing aid case that's practically indestructible, entrepreneur and hearing aid wearer Calvin Huit has designed the AidKeeper with you in mind.


Back-to-school checklist for kids with hearing loss

Girl with a hearing aid

Does your child wear hearing aids or have cochlear implants? These tips and backpack essentials will get your family ready for a new school year.


Facing the fear of hearing loss with Meniere’s and tinnitus

A woman grapples with an attack of Meniere's disease.

Living with Meniere's disease means living with the constant threat of hearing loss. How do you overcome the fear and learn to accept what you can't always control?


How hearing loss can affect two ears differently

A woman talks to her doctor about her ear.

When some people begin to notice they are experiencing hearing loss, they may realize that they have more hearing loss in one ear than the other.


The link between iron deficiency anemia and hearing loss

Red blood cells

People with iron-deficiency anemia are twice as likely to have hearing loss than those without the blood disorder, though researchers are still investigating why.


Understanding acoustic neuromas

Graphic showing an acoustic neuroma

Acoustic neuromas are small, benign tumors that can cause hearing loss, problems with balance, facial numbness, headaches and fatigue.


What is the difference between hearing aids and cochlear implants?

A boy with a cochlear implant speaks to his teacher.

If hearing aids haven’t improved your ability to hear effectively, ask your hearing health professional if you’re a candidate for a cochlear implant.


Autism, auditory processing disorder and your child’s hearing health

A boy with headphones on looks out the window.

Because ASD affects each child differently, seek help from your hearing healthcare professional if you believe your child is having difficulty with their hearing.


Need an audiologist but can't travel? Telehealth may be an option

A woman receives a hearing evaluation using teleaudiology.

There’s a whole new way to communicate with an audiologist: by video. Known as telehealth audiology, it's growing in popularity for rural or housebound patients.


My experience trying out CROS hearing aids for single-sided deafness

Images showing CROS hearing aids

My experience wearing a CROS hearing aid to help with my single-sided deafness. Ultimately, I decided the device's disadvantages outweighed its advantages.


How do I get water out of my ears?

A little boy tilts his head to get water out of his ears.

Did you go swimming and now water is stuck in your ears? It happens to some people more than others. Learn why it happens and what to do about it.


Top 10 summer activities that are dangerous to your hearing

A loud outdoor summer concert with massive speakers.

Many popular summertime activities come with a risk of hearing loss. Are your favorites on our list?


What is a hearing aid telecoil and why would I want one?

A woman wears a hearing aid with a telecoil.

When used in tandem with a hearing loop, hearing aid telecoils can dramatically enhance your listening experience in public places by piping audio-system sounds directly to your hearing aids.


7 tips for getting used to your new hearing aids

A man with hearing aids talks to his partner.

It can take awhile to get used to hearing aids, especially if you've never worn them before. These 7 tips will speed up your acclimation.

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