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Understanding auditory deprivation: Why untreated hearing loss is bad for your brain

Illustration explaining why untreated hearing loss is bad for your brain

Hearing loss is a type of sensory deprivation known as auditory deprivation. When the brain is deprived of sounds for too long -- such as with untreated hearing loss -- the auditory pathways can weaken and atrophy, making it even harder to hear.


Can you restore your lost hearing?

A bone-anchored hearing system for hearing loss

Is there a way to quickly and easily restore hearing levels to normal, especially for sensorineural hearing loss? A look at common ear surgeries, drugs and herbal remedies.


Hearing aid apps: What you need to know

A woman looks at her smartphone and hearing aids.

Most hearing aid manufacturers offer accompanying smartphone apps that let users control their hearing aid settings, monitor their batteries, and many other features.


Tinnitus coping strategies for negative thoughts and rumination

Text-based infographic explaining tinnitus and negative memory bias

Here's how to break the chain of rumination that can occur when you have chronic tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. Once you understand why it's happening, you can start to fight back.


Websites and blogs about hearing loss and tinnitus

Woman holding smiley face

Looking for websites, support groups or forums to connect with other people who have hearing loss or hearing impairment? Here are some of the top websites we follow for insights into hearing loss and tinnitus, as well as patient perspectives.


How cold weather and moisture can impact hearing aids

A couple skis.

Learn how to prevent hearing aid damage due to cold, wet winter weather, and how to troubleshoot problems if they arise. Plus, how to protect your ears and why tinnitus is more common when it's cold.


New device helps hearing-impaired feel sounds in their environment

Neosensory Buzz wearable device

A new device that turns sound into dynamic patterns of vibrations is helping those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing feel sound on their skin.


Hearing loss in the workplace

A woman working at her laptop.

Got hearing loss or worried your job might be damaging your hearing? Find out all about hearing loss and employment, wearing hearing aids at work, and what your rights are as an employee.


Hearing impairment and communication

A woman can't hear her friend speaking in a restaurant.

When you have family members, friends and colleagues who have hearing loss, you can make a few simple adjustments in how you communicate with them that can make things run much more smoothly than they otherwise would.


Age-related hearing loss

A woman receives an ear exam.

Presbycusis can sneak up on you and affects your ability to hear. If left untreated, this form of age-related hearing loss can cause additional health problems such as anxiety, depression and social isolation.


Birdwatching with hearing loss: How hearing aids help

 A quote about the importance of hearing aids for birdwatching.

Age-related hearing loss can make it much harder to hear birdsong, which is a beloved sound for many people, especially birders. Fortunately, hearing aids and amplifiers can bring back the sounds of nature.


The impact of hearing loss on relationships

A couple talks at a hearing care appointment.

Untreated hearing loss can negatively impact our relationships with family and friends and particularly with those closest to us, such as our romantic partners.


Hearing loss and cognitive decline: What's the connection?

Infographic discussing three key facts about hearing loss and dementia

Learn more about the link between hearing loss and cognitive impairments and dementia, and if hearing aids can help.


Tinnitus and hearing loss during pregnancy: Why does it happen?

Illustration on pregnancy, tinnitus and hearing problems

Tinnitus and hearing problems during pregnancy can be caused by many conditions, including serious illnesses like preeclampsia.


How hearing loss and heart disease are linked

heart disease and hearing loss

Learn about the connection between heart disease and hearing loss. There are steps you can take now to improve your heart health through cardiovascular fitness and minimize the risk of hearing damage.


Grief and accepting hearing loss

A man looks at hearing aids at a hearing care appointment with his wife.

Are you coming to terms with your hearing loss? You may find it helpful to know that it's normal to feel grief, which includes denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.


Apps for tinnitus: My top picks

A woman looks at her smartphone.

With so many apps available for people with tinnitus, tinnitus expert Glenn Schweitzer put together a list of his favorite tinnitus-related smartphone apps to help you find relief for the ringing in your ears.


Should you wear hearing aids all the time?

Illustration discussing why you should always wear hearing aids

Find out why it's bad for your hearing (and your brain!) to frequently skip wearing your hearing aids—even at home alone.


Cochlear implants for seniors

Illustration explaining cochlear implant candidacy

Increasingly, older adults are opting to switch to cochlear implants when hearing aids aren't sufficient. Find out how cochlear implants work and if they'd be a good option for you.


How high stress can lead to hearing loss

Two women exercise outdoors.

Chronic stress is part of life for too many Americans. Besides harming your health, find out how it contributes to hearing loss.


What is noise pollution?

Illustration explaining common sources of noise pollution

Millions of Americans are exposed to noise pollution every day that causes hearing loss and a host of other health conditions. Find out how to reduce noise pollution and preserve your well-being.


All about OSHA's noise and hearing regulations

A woman operates a band saw.

Regulations from OSHA help protect workers from harmful levels of workplace noise. Learn what your rights are and what you can do if your employer is not protecting you from noise-induced hearing loss.


What's the connection between depression and untreated hearing loss?

Illustration asking what's the connection between hearing loss and depression

It's not unusual for people with hearing loss to also struggle with depression. Fortunately, hearing aids and other treatments can go a long way in helping with both problems.


Hearing loss and listening fatigue

exhausted woman working at her desk

For people with hearing loss, listening fatigue hits you harder and faster than people with normal hearing. In fact, ear fatigue is considered an early warning sign of hearing loss. Fortunately, hearing aids can help.

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