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Consumers value professional care in a post-OTC hearing aid world

smiling man shaking hands with audiologist

Will new legislation favoring OTC hearing aids change the way consumers shop for hearing care? Healthy Hearing surveyed consumers to find out.


Hearing loss and hearing aids: Everything you were afraid to ask

classroom setting with many raised hands

If you're too shy to ask, never fear! Here are answers to five common questions about hearing loss and how it's treated.


Healthy Hearing conversation | Mandy Harvey uses music to create community

Mandy Harvey

Deaf singer, songwriter and motivational speaker Mandy Harvey uses her personal journey to help others overcome their personal barriers.

Hearing Center Interview

Healthy Hearing conversation | Susan Boggia

Dr. Susan Boggia

Patient-centered care in a home-like atmosphere is just what the doctor ordered for residents of Glens Falls.


Why aren't hearing aids covered by insurance?

stethoscope with insurance claim forms

Most insurance plans don't cover hearing aids. Learn the basics and the complex reasons why.


Why pretending to hear is bad and how to break the habit

Gianluca Trombetta

Gianluca Trombetta talks about why people with hearing loss fake it, or pretend to hear when they really don't and shares his practical tips for turning this common challenge into a positive opportunity.


College, hearing loss and self-advocacy  

Jessica Wertz

Whether you're an incoming college freshman or a seasoned upperclassman with hearing loss, our guest Jessica Wertz has tips for starting the year right and thriving on campus.


Creating awareness for children's hearing loss

An article image

From media campaigns to books to legislation, here's an update on efforts to bring awareness to children's hearing loss.

Hearing Center Interview

Healthy Hearing conversation | Joan McCormack, Au.D.

Staff of Atlantic Hearing Care

Dr. Joan McCormack and the staff of Atlantic Hearing Care celebrate the practice's 10-year anniversary and giving back to the community with the launch of a nonprofit to provide hearing care to those in need.


How hearing loss affects seniors

A group of happy senior adults outdoors

Older adults with hearing loss face some unique emotional and physical challenges. Find out what they are and what you can do about it.


Research shows possible link between aspartame and tinnitus

Packets of artificial sweeteners in a caddy on table

Are aspartame and tinnitus linked? Here's what you need to know before you drink your next diet soda.

Hearing Center Interview

Healthy Hearing conversation | Dr. Peter Loring

Dr. Peter Loring

A no-nonsense approach, great technology and a personal investment in each patient helps Dr. Peter Loring change lives through better hearing in central Long Island, New York.


Can allergies cause hearing loss?

Young woman sick with allergies lying on sofa

Your eyes are itchy and your nose is runny – typical for allergy season. But could your allergies also contribute to hearing loss? Get answers here.


Summer hearing health for kids

cute young boy at parade holding his hands over his ears

Along with reminders about how to safely enjoy summer fun, don’t forget to include a few that deal with keeping their hearing healthy, too.


Men's health: protecting hearing an important priority

group of men laughing and playing cards

June is Men's Health Month - time to celebrate men by being mindful of good health, including hearing health. Here's how to get started.

Hearing Center Interview

Healthy Hearing conversation | Mary Sue Harrison

Dr. Mary Sue Harrison

A Texas audiologist parlayed a score on a high school interest test into an unconventional audiology practice that includes the latest hearing aid technology, hearing conservation, occasional encounters with famous musicians and patient-friendly customer service.


Healthy Hearing readers reveal unexpected hearing hazards

Smiling hair stylist blow drying her client's hair

We asked our readers how noisy their lives are and the results prove hearing hazards can lurk where you least expect them. Find out how to preserve your hearing in unexpectedly noisy places.


How to be your own hearing loss advocate

mature couple walking together and talking

Asserting yourself isn’t rude, it’s essential -- especially if you want to get the most out of interactions with friends and family.


Study shows earplugs worn at concerts make a difference

A group of people at an outdoor concert.

Live concerts and music festivals create lasting memories, but one study confirms an effective way to make sure they don't also create lasting hearing loss.


Kids and swim ear plugs: What you need to know

A girl swims with ear plugs in her ears.

Does your child need swim ear plugs? Here's what you need to know to keep his ears healthy and make a decision that's right for you.


Foods that boost hearing: Be mindful of your minerals

woman's hands chopping fresh, colorful vegetables

Studies show mineral-rich foods are helpful in preventing hearing loss but be sure to consult your physician before adding any supplements to your diet.

Hearing Center Interview

Healthy Hearing conversation | Dr. Elizabeth Kennedy

Dr. Kennedy and her dedicated team

With a career that has spanned clinical practice, education and research, Dr. Elizabeth Kennedy, along with her staff at Associates in Hearing HealthCare serves patients with commitment to positive outcomes.


Hearing loss charities that make an impact

Happy participants at a 2016 HLAA Walk4Hearing event

Want to make a difference for people who have hearing loss? Support organizations that put hearing loss and its challenges front and center, raising money and awareness for this important cause.

Hearing Center Interview

Healthy Hearing Conversation | Dr. Lisa Alber

Dr. Lisa Alber

Dr. Lisa Alber brings love for her hometown, a passion for patient care and a can-do attitude to Greenfield, Massachusetts.

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