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Hearing loss and the holiday blues

holiday blues and hearing loss

Hearing loss can contribute to the holiday blues. We have some tips and resources to make your season merry and bright.


A Thanksgiving feast for your ears

Turkey set in the middle of the table

Thanksgiving can be the most indulgent and anticipated meal of the year. If you do it right, you'll also nourish your sense of hearing with the proper nutrients while you give thanks.


Research shows severity of tinnitus is related to emotional processing

image showing multiple MRI scans of the brain

Research shows that the impact tinnitus has on your life could be a matter of how your brain processes emotions.


Safety tips for a healthy hearing Halloween

scary kids wearing colorful Halloween costumes

Halloween means spooktacular fun for people of all ages! Mark off the items on our safety checklist before heading out for parties with friends or trick-or-treating.


Diabetics twice as likely to have hearing loss

diabetes blood glucose meter

Research shows a link between diabetes and hearing loss. Learn about the connection and what you can do to protect your hearing.


Negative stigma is concern for people with hearing loss

woman examining wrinkles in mirror

Negative stigma associated with hearing aids is one of the biggest reasons people put off getting help for their hearing loss. Find out what causes the stigma and how you can overcome it.


Retirement and your hearing health

retired couple talking to financial advisor

Thinking about retiring soon? Don’t forget to plan for hearing healthcare needs with these tips.


Penn State’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing Summer Academy

Penn State

A new two-week summer program, which debuted this July in America’s heartland, laid a foundation for its students that will last a lifetime.

Hearing Center Interview

Healthy Hearing conversation | Dr. Ronna Fisher

Dr. Ronna Fisher

Growing up with a father who had untreated hearing loss is the inspiration behind Dr. Ronna Fisher's drive to help her fellow Chicagoans hear their best. Learn about her thriving practice and how she helps those in need.


Consumers value professional care in a post-OTC hearing aid world

smiling man shaking hands with audiologist

Will new legislation favoring OTC hearing aids change the way consumers shop for hearing care? Healthy Hearing surveyed consumers to find out.


The impact of hearing loss on relationships

A couple hugs

Hearing loss does not occur in a vacuum. Is untreated hearing loss causing unnecessary harm to your relationship?


Hearing loss and hearing aids: Everything you were afraid to ask

classroom setting with many raised hands

If you're too shy to ask, never fear! Here are answers to five common questions about hearing loss and how it's treated.


Healthy Hearing conversation | Mandy Harvey uses music to create community

Mandy Harvey

Deaf singer, songwriter and motivational speaker Mandy Harvey uses her personal journey to help others overcome their personal barriers.

Hearing Center Interview

Healthy Hearing conversation | Susan Boggia

Dr. Susan Boggia

Patient-centered care in a home-like atmosphere is just what the doctor ordered for residents of Glens Falls.


How deafness encourages intentional and thoughtful communication

Rachel Kolb

A lifelong expert in multimodal communication, Rachel Kolb talks about why deafness is far from being a disability. Find out how it can foster ingenuity and creativity when it comes to connecting with others.


Enhance your hearing health with seasonal fall foods

couple with young child at pumpkin patch in fall

Fall foods are nutrition powerhouses. Add these tasty seasonal favorites to your menu for a fresh, effective way to boost hearing health.


Why aren't hearing aids covered by insurance?

stethoscope with insurance claim forms

Most insurance plans don't cover hearing aids. Learn the basics and the complex reasons why.


New study names hearing loss as one of nine risk factors for dementia

elderly man talking to a group of young people

A new study indicates managing hearing loss and other identified risk factors may help you delay or prevent devastating dementia altogether.


Why pretending to hear is bad and how to break the habit

Gianluca Trombetta

Gianluca Trombetta talks about why people with hearing loss fake it, or pretend to hear when they really don't and shares his practical tips for turning this common challenge into a positive opportunity.


College, hearing loss and self-advocacy  

Jessica Wertz

Whether you're an incoming college freshman or a seasoned upperclassman with hearing loss, our guest Jessica Wertz has tips for starting the year right and thriving on campus.


New study shows hearing loss could provide clues for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease

young person reading to an elderly person in wheelchair

New research about the relationship between untreated hearing loss and deadly Alzheimer's disease provides yet another reason to improve your hearing health.


Creating awareness for children's hearing loss

An article image

From media campaigns to books to legislation, here's an update on efforts to bring awareness to children's hearing loss.

Hearing Center Interview

Healthy Hearing conversation | Joan McCormack, Au.D.

Staff of Atlantic Hearing Care

Dr. Joan McCormack and the staff of Atlantic Hearing Care celebrate the practice's 10-year anniversary and giving back to the community with the launch of a nonprofit to provide hearing care to those in need.


How hearing loss affects seniors

A group of happy senior adults outdoors

Older adults with hearing loss face some unique emotional and physical challenges. Find out what they are and what you can do about it.

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