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Music and better hearing: what's the connection?

adults in choir practice

Can singing help you hear conversations in noisy places better? A new study suggests it can. Learn how music training can benefit your hearing and your social life.

Hearing Center Interview

Healthy Hearing conversation | Dr. Peter Loring

Dr. Peter Loring

A no-nonsense approach, great technology and a personal investment in each patient helps Dr. Peter Loring change lives through better hearing in central Long Island, New York.


Can allergies cause hearing loss?

Young woman sick with allergies lying on sofa

Your eyes are itchy and your nose is runny – typical for allergy season. But could your allergies also contribute to hearing loss? Get answers here.


7 tips for enjoying a summer party with hearing loss

Group of friends enjoying a summer party outdoors

With these 7 tips, attending summer parties and barbecues with hearing loss can help you keep up with the conversation.


Talking to grandchildren about hearing loss

grandmother reading story to young girl

Discriminately sharing information about your hearing loss and hearing aids with your grandchildren helps them understand your challenges and develop sensitivity for others. Use these kid-friendly talking points.


Summer hearing health for kids

cute young boy at parade holding his hands over his ears

Along with reminders about how to safely enjoy summer fun, don’t forget to include a few that deal with keeping their hearing healthy, too.


Men's health: protecting hearing an important priority

group of men laughing and playing cards

June is Men's Health Month - time to celebrate men by being mindful of good health, including hearing health. Here's how to get started.

Hearing Center Interview

Healthy Hearing conversation | Mary Sue Harrison

Dr. Mary Sue Harrison

A Texas audiologist parlayed a score on a high school interest test into an unconventional audiology practice that includes the latest hearing aid technology, hearing conservation, occasional encounters with famous musicians and patient-friendly customer service.


Healthy Hearing readers reveal unexpected hearing hazards

Smiling hair stylist blow drying her client's hair

We asked our readers how noisy their lives are and the results prove hearing hazards can lurk where you least expect them. Find out how to preserve your hearing in unexpectedly noisy places.


How to be your own hearing loss advocate

mature couple walking together and talking

Asserting yourself isn’t rude, it’s essential -- especially if you want to get the most out of interactions with friends and family.


Study finds hearing loss not on researchers' radars

Patient laying in hospital consulting with doctor

A recent review of published medical studies proves hearing loss is not top-of-mind for physicians who treat patients likely to have it. Here's how to improve communication with your medical providers.


Study shows earplugs worn at concerts make a difference

A group of people at an outdoor concert.

Live concerts and music festivals create lasting memories, but one study confirms an effective way to make sure they don't also create lasting hearing loss.


Kids and swim ear plugs: What you need to know

A girl swims with ear plugs in her ears.

Does your child need swim ear plugs? Here's what you need to know to keep his ears healthy and make a decision that's right for you.


Foods that boost hearing: Be mindful of your minerals

woman's hands chopping fresh, colorful vegetables

Studies show mineral-rich foods are helpful in preventing hearing loss but be sure to consult your physician before adding any supplements to your diet.

Hearing Center Interview

Healthy Hearing conversation | Dr. Elizabeth Kennedy

Dr. Kennedy and her dedicated team

With a career that has spanned clinical practice, education and research, Dr. Elizabeth Kennedy, along with her staff at Associates in Hearing HealthCare serves patients with commitment to positive outcomes.


Hearing loss charities that make an impact

Happy participants at a 2016 HLAA Walk4Hearing event

Want to make a difference for people who have hearing loss? Support organizations that put hearing loss and its challenges front and center, raising money and awareness for this important cause.


Summer camp programs for children with hearing loss

Young happy boy smiling with summer camp bonfire in background

For deaf kids or those with hearing loss, summer camps can provide life-changing experiences, boost self-esteem and create lifelong friendships. Here's how to find the right camp for your child.

Hearing Center Interview

Healthy Hearing Conversation | Dr. Lisa Alber

Dr. Lisa Alber

Dr. Lisa Alber brings love for her hometown, a passion for patient care and a can-do attitude to Greenfield, Massachusetts.


Airplanes and ear pain: Why it happens and what you can do

Tips for preventing ear pain while flying

Learn about what happens to your ears during air travel and what you can do to prevent pain, discomfort and temporary hearing loss.

Hearing Center Interview

Healthy Hearing conversation | Kevin Delcid

Satisfied hearing aid wearer, Kevin Delcid, and his family

Kevin Delcid tells his journey to better hearing, from the pain of losing his hearing as a young boy to the joy of hearing his young son call him "daddy."


OTC hearing aids – survey says consumers aren’t sold

close up of someone taking online survey with tablet

Healthy Hearing conducted a national survey to assess opinions about over the counter hearing devices and perceived value of professional hearing care services. The results may surprise you.


Fact vs. fiction: common hearing aid misconceptions

Small hearing aid

Hearing aids come with many misconceptions, so we want to debunk some common myths around these marvels of technology. 


10 signs you may have hearing loss

Man struggling to hear a phone conversation

Like any medical condition, the sooner you address hearing loss the better. Here are 10 common signs that you may have hearing loss. 


Hearing loss in the workplace

construction worker wearing hearing protection earplugs

Creating a pleasant, effective work environment takes effort on the part of everyone, regardless of your ability to hear.

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