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Retirement planning? Don't forget about cost of hearing aids

retirement planning hearing health

Add these hearing health strategies to your retirement plans while you're still working so that you can hear your best in retirement.


Hearing loss and accidental injury

hearing loss and injury

A new study explores the connection between hearing loss and the risk of accidental injury.


Turner syndrome and hearing loss

Turner syndrome

Turner syndrome affects 1 of every 2000-4000 female births and can cause hearing loss. Learn about Turner syndrome, available resources and how to find help for hearing loss.


National Repeat Day: are your ears ready to celebrate?

repeat day

Celebrating National Repeat Day this June can be great fun unless untreated hearing loss is the reason you need so much repetition.


Top myths about hearing loss

hearing loss myths

Don't let misconceptions about hearing loss stand in the way of hearing your best. Learn the facts behind these common hearing loss myths.


Summer holiday healthy hearing guide

summer holiday hearing care

Regardless of your summer plans, remember: it’s never a good idea to take a vacation from hearing health. Check out our tips for optimal hearing health for your summer holidays.


Creating a hearing loss friendly wedding

hearing loss weddings

It's wedding season! If you're planning a summer wedding, we've got tips to ensure your guests with hearing loss will have the same great experience as the rest of your guests.


Hearing aid handling skills not necessarily related to experience

A woman tries on a hearing aid

Contrary to what you may think, experienced hearing aid wearers may have even more difficulty with basic maintenance and handling skills than new wearers,


Is hearing loss inherited? Family history and hearing health

family hearing health

Family members can sometimes share risk factors for health conditions, including some that cause hearing loss. Here's why it's so important to understand your family health history.


Americans with Disabilities Act: Rights for those with hearing loss


Here's what you need to know about rights for people with hearing loss as an employee, parent or consumer under the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA.


Which hearing aids are best for me?

best hearing aids for you

Do you know which hearing aids are the best? Before you decide, ask yourself these important questions and discuss them with your hearing care professional.


Hearing in the animal kingdom

hearing in animals

From cats and birds to insects, reptiles and dolphins, the way each species hears varies according to their environment and need for survival.


The pros and cons of small hearing aids

small hearing aids

Learn about the pros and cons of wearing small hearing aids and how to tell if they are right for your hearing and lifestyle needs.


Cupid's tips for a healthy hearing Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day hearing loss

Valentine's Day is about reconnecting. These tips will help you plan the perfect hearing loss friendly date with your spouse or partner.

Hearing Center Interview

Healthy Hearing conversation | Corry Wilcox, AuD

Corry Wilcox of Audiology Associates

A strict adherence to best practices and positive outcomes as well as counseling and humor are reasons why patients choose Audiology Associates in Lancaster, Ohio for their hearing healthcare needs.


The link between migraines and hearing loss

migraine and hearing loss

Research shows those who suffer from migraines may be at increased risk for developing hearing loss. Find out the connection between migraine headaches and hearing loss.


Spider silk could offer breakthrough in hearing aid microphones

spider silk directional microphone

Binghamton University researchers take a cue from nature to improve upon current hearing aid microphone technology.


Top 3 temporary hearing loss causes

temporary hearing loss

Even temporary hearing loss can be alarming. Here's why sudden hearing loss can happen and what you can do.


Tinnitus spikes: solving a difficult problem

A man copes with a tinnitus spike.

Glenn Schweitzer of Rewiring Tinnitus shares his tips and tools for dealing with tinnitus spikes and identifying your personal tinnitus triggers.


Seven reasons to stop putting off hearing health

procrastination hearing loss

Don't procrastinate when it comes to your hearing health: Unaddressed hearing loss is linked to brain shrinkage, an increased risk of falls, and other negative health impacts.


Research shows severity of tinnitus is related to emotional processing

image showing multiple MRI scans of the brain

Research shows that the impact tinnitus has on your life could be a matter of how your brain processes emotions.


Diabetics twice as likely to have hearing loss

diabetes blood glucose meter

Research shows a link between diabetes and hearing loss. Learn about the connection and what you can do to protect your hearing.


Negative stigma is concern for people with hearing loss

woman examining wrinkles in mirror

Negative stigma associated with hearing aids is one of the biggest reasons people put off getting help for their hearing loss. Find out what causes the stigma and how you can overcome it.

Hearing Center Interview

Healthy Hearing conversation | Dr. Ronna Fisher

Dr. Ronna Fisher

Growing up with a father who had untreated hearing loss is the inspiration behind Dr. Ronna Fisher's drive to help her fellow Chicagoans hear their best. Learn about her thriving practice and how she helps those in need.

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