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Hearing Center Interview

Healthy Hearing conversation | Manatee Ear Center

Manatee Ear Center

Dr. Denise Parrish and her staff at Manatee Ear Center are ardent patient advocates who give clients ample time and resources to maximize their usable hearing and improve their quality of life.


Is hearing loss inherited? Family history and hearing health

family hearing health

Family members can sometimes share risk factors for health conditions, including some that cause hearing loss. Here's why it's so important to understand your family health history.


Healthy Hearing conversation | Harvey Patterson

harvey patterson

Harvey Patterson knew he had hearing loss, but he didn’t think it was anybody’s else’s problem but his own -- until his grandson asked him a very revealing question.


Study shows poor nutrition in early childhood could lead to hearing loss

nutrition hearing loss

A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals a link between hearing loss and poor nutrition during childhood.


How meditation can help with tinnitus

meditation tinnitus

Find out how hearing loss advocate Shari Eberts uses the time-tested practice of meditation to help silence her annoying tinnitus.


Inclusive businesses put people with hearing loss to work

inclusive business hearing loss

These progressive companies -- both large and small -- provide good examples of workplace diversity by employing and accommodating workers with hearing loss.

Hearing Center Interview

Healthy Hearing conversation | Providence Speech and Hearing Center

Providence Speech and Hearing

Thanks to Providence Speech and Hearing's mission to provide hearing services regardless of ability to pay, no one who walks through their doors ever gets turned away from the Orange County, California non-profit.


Healthy Hearing conversation | Madeline Bennett, founder of Otogear

otogear noise protection

Noise-induced hearing loss is preventable. Find out how young entrepreneur Madeline Bennett and her company Otogear are working to make hearing protection cool.


Americans with Disabilities Act: Rights for those with hearing loss


Here's what you need to know about rights for people with hearing loss as an employee, parent or consumer under the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA.


Which hearing aids are best for me?

best hearing aids for you

Do you know which hearing aids are the best? Before you decide, ask yourself these important questions and discuss them with your hearing care professional.


Hearing in the animal kingdom

hearing in animals

From cats and birds to insects, reptiles and dolphins, the way each species hears varies according to their environment and need for survival.


Hearing loss across the generations

hearing loss across generations

Hearing loss affects people of every age, but different generations can have their own unique circumstances and causes for hearing loss.


The pros and cons of small hearing aids

small hearing aids

Learn about the pros and cons of wearing small hearing aids and how to tell if they are right for your hearing and lifestyle needs.


Cupid's tips for a healthy hearing Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day hearing loss

Valentine's Day is about reconnecting. These tips will help you plan the perfect hearing loss friendly date with your spouse or partner.

Hearing Center Interview

Healthy Hearing conversation | Corry Wilcox, AuD

Corry Wilcox of Audiology Associates

A strict adherence to best practices and positive outcomes as well as counseling and humor are reasons why patients choose Audiology Associates in Lancaster, Ohio for their hearing healthcare needs.


The link between migraines and hearing loss

migraine and hearing loss

Research shows those who suffer from migraines may be at increased risk for developing hearing loss. Find out the connection between migraine headaches and hearing loss.


How to talk to your spouse about hearing loss

talking to spouse about hearing loss

Communication is key when hearing health is at stake. Set the stage for a productive discussion about hearing health, whether it's about your spouse's hearing or your own.


Spider silk could offer breakthrough in hearing aid microphones

spider silk directional microphone

Binghamton University researchers take a cue from nature to improve upon current hearing aid microphone technology.


Top 3 temporary hearing loss causes

temporary hearing loss

Even temporary hearing loss can be alarming. Here's why sudden hearing loss can happen and what you can do.


Tinnitus spikes: solving a difficult problem

A man copes with a tinnitus spike.

Glenn Schweitzer of Rewiring Tinnitus shares his tips and tools for dealing with tinnitus spikes and identifying your personal tinnitus triggers.


Seven reasons to stop putting off hearing health

procrastination hearing loss

Don't procrastinate when it comes to your hearing health: Unaddressed hearing loss is linked to brain shrinkage, an increased risk of falls, and other negative health impacts.


Brain training may help seniors understand better in noisy places

brain games speech understanding

New study suggests brain can remap itself to help people with hearing loss deal with background noise.

Hearing Center Interview

Healthy Hearing conversation | Mary Carson Au.D.

hearing aids clarity audiology

Respect and care, coupled with best practices and the latest hearing aid technologies, is key to Clarity Audiology and Hearing Solutions’ success.


New Year’s resolutions and hearing health

Couples clinking champagne glasses over dinner

Like the majority of Americans who will make at least one resolution, a Healthy Hearing survey reveals health is their number one area of improvement and most acknowledge hearing health as important.

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