ReSound hearing aids

Contributed by Mandy Mroz, AuD, director, Healthy Hearing
ReSound hearing aids

ReSound develops hearing technology to help people rediscover the beauty of sound again. Part of GN Store Nord and headquartered in Ballerup, Denmark, ReSound is represented globally across more than 80 different countries.

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ReSound creates hearing technology that helps people with hearing loss hear more, do more and be more than they ever thought possible. 

Hearing aids made by ReSound

Close-up on MIH style
MIH hearing aid style

Like most hearing aid manufacturers, ReSound offers a full range of hearing aid styles and technology levels to fit every need. In addition, ReSound has a unique hearing aid style called microphone in helix (MIH), or remote microphone. This style looks like an in-the-canal hearing aid with a little arm that tucks into the ear’s helix, or the fold above the opening to the ear canal. The arm is a slender extension that houses the microphone. ReSound describes this special design as a feature providing natural directionality, wind protection and sound localization.

All of ReSound’s latest hearing aids include Made for iPhone (MFi) technology for easily connecting the hearing aids with mobile phones and MP3 players. The latest product family from ReSound is called LiNX 3D and includes a rechargeable option using ZPower technology.

ReSound's LiNX 3D and Enzo 3D are equipped with ReSound Assist which, at the discretion of your hearing care provider, allow for some of your follow-up fine tuning to be completed remotely with no need to visit the office. 

ReSound's latest hearing aid models
Model name Style Price Technology levels
LiNX 3D Behind the ear (BTE),
Receiver in the ear (RITE),
In the ear (ITE), In the canal (ITC),
Completely in the canal (CIC),
Invisible in the canal (IIC),
Microphone in helix (MIH)
$$$-$$$$ 5, 7, 9

Behind the ear (BTE),
Receiver in the ear (RITE),
In the ear (ITE), In the canal (ITC),
Completely in the canal (CIC),
Invisible in the canal (IIC),
Microphone in helix (MIH)


5, 7, 9




(2, 3)





Enzo 3D



Super power
(5, 7, 9)








(all levels)

Differences between technology levels for ReSound hearing aids

ReSound offers several technology levels for each of their hearing aid models. These are designated by the model number. For example, the LiNX2 is available in three technology levels:

  • 5 (Good): This level contains an extensive standard feature set, including a tinnitus sound generator, audio streaming for iPhone and connectivity to all external accessories. There are basic versions of ReSound’s directionality feature, noise reduction algorithm and wind reduction algorithm. This level is perfect for wearers who enjoy watching television at home, one-on-one or small group conversations and relatively quiet settings.
  • 7 (Better): This level contains all the standard features of level 5 plus advanced versions of certain features, like the directionality, noise reduction and wind reduction algorithms. This more advanced level is suited for wearers who have more challenging listening needs such as conversations with groups in noisier settings, many different listening environments in a single day and greater technology demands.
  • 9 (Best): This level is the premium model. It contains the most sophisticated versions of the entire feature set, including the directionality, noise reduction and wind reduction algorithms. Wearers who desire the very latest technology and have demanding listening and connectivity needs will get the most benefit from this most advanced performance level.

ReSound also offers a budget-friendly line of hearing aids called Enya. These models are available in a variety of styles and at two different technology levels. The Enya is specifically designed to offer features that provide substantial benefit at an affordable price.

A line up of hearing aid styles
ReSound's family of LiNX2 hearing aids.

Pediatric and super power hearing aids made by ReSound

Some ReSound hearing aids have features that are important for children and teens with hearing loss, such as the direct audio input (DAI) feature in their super power hearing aids that can be helpful for kids in the classroom. In December 2016, ReSound announced the introduction of the new Up Smart hearing aids. These made for iPhone hearing aids are specifically for children and teens. 

ReSound offers a super power hearing aid, the Enzo2, for people with severe and profound hearing loss. This BTE style requires a 675 battery and is available at three price points, depending on the level of technology selected.

Tinnitus and ReSound hearing aids

The tinnitus sound generator feature is available in all styles and technology levels for the LiNX2 hearing aid family. The tinnitus feature in ReSound’s hearing aids is designed to be flexible so sound therapy can be personalized for you to find the best relief. 

Other ReSound hearing aids

There are many other ReSound hearing aids in use today. Some ReSound products you might encounter include the Verso, Lex, Alera, Magna, Vea, Sparx, Live, Dot2 and Azure.

ALDs and apps

In addition to an innovative line-up of hearing aids, ReSound makes accessories and assistive listening devices (ALDs) to improve your wearing experience. The Unite accessories include the Unite Phone Clip+ for connecting with a mobile phone; the Unite TV Streamer 2 for connecting with a television, stereo or computer; the Unite Micro Mic or Multi Mic for better communication in one-on-one situations and the Unite Remote Control 2 for changing hearing aid settings.

ReSound also has several smartphone apps that can connect with their wireless hearing aids. The ReSound Smart App lets your mobile phone double as a remote control. The ReSound Control App allows you to manage streaming between the hearing aids and an iPhone or iPod. Finally, the ReSound Relief App helps manage the delivery of tinnitus therapy sounds in the hearing aids.

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