Cochlear Americas

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Cochlear Americas

Cochlear Americas is the world's pioneer in cochlear implant systems for children and adults with a comprehensive product line to fit even the most unique hearing needs.

This content was last reviewed on: May 16th, 2017

Having invented the world’s first cochlear implant more than 30 years ago, Cochlear is the pioneer in implantable solutions that help people of all ages hear better. Cochlear has North American headquarters in Centennial, Colorado but its products are available worldwide.

Cochlear implants made by Cochlear

Cochlear implants consist of the implant itself which is surgically placed inside the cochlea of the inner ear and the externally-worn sound processor. Some processors are more sophisticated than others and higher technology features typically command a higher price tag. A hearing healthcare professional that specializes in cochlear implants can help you determine which processor is best for your lifestyle and hearing needs.

Cochlear's latest cochlear implant models
Model name Technology Style
Nucleus® 6 Sound Processor One performance level Behind the ear processor
Nucleus KansoTM One performance level Small, discreet off the ear processor
Nucleus 6 Hybrid Hearing Solution One performance level Sound processor/hearing aid combination
Baha 5 sound processor One performance level Small, discreet off the ear processor
Baha 5 power sound processor One performance level Off the ear processor
Baha 5 super power sound processor One performance level Behind the ear processor
cochlear implants and sound processors
Cochlear offers a full range of implantable
solutions to fit every hearing need.

Technology features offered by Cochlear 

  • True WirelessTM is Cochlear’s 2.4 GHz  technology that allows audio streaming from mobile phones and other personal audio devices, all without external streamers
  • Smart SoundÒ IQ includes the Scene Classifier that analyzes your listening environment in real time and makes the right adjustments to sound processing automatically
  • Data logging provides information about processor settings and use to help your cochlear implant specialist make changes that benefit you

Other solutions by Cochlear

Cochlear offers the only available bone conduction implant called the Baha implant. This implant is specifically designed to help people who have conductive or mixed hearing loss, single-sided deafness, malformed or chronically-draining ears. This implant works with the Baha sound processors described above. The Baha Power and Baha Super Power processors feature Made for iPhone technology to enable easy audio streaming from personal audio devices.

For people who can benefit from having a cochlear implant in one ear and a hearing aid in the other, Cochlear has teamed up with ReSound to offer a bimodal hearing solution. These solutions can help make speech understanding in noisy environments easier, and they can make it easier for you to locate the sources of sounds occurring all around you.

Accessories made by Cochlear

  • Aqua+ – makes the Nucleus 6 and Kanso sound processors waterproof so you can enjoy underwater swimming and other water activities without worry
  • Mini Microphone and Mini Microphone 2+ - a personal microphone that makes hearing a speaker in public places, classrooms or other noisy settings easier
  • Phone Clip – allows hands-free connection to phone conversations with friends and family through your smartphone
  • TV Streamer – enjoy your favorite TV programs at a volume that is comfortable for you with audio streamed directly to your ears without disturbing others nearby
  • SMARTstream – collaboration between Cochlear and ReSound to stream sounds directly to both ears in a bimodal configuration (cochlear implant in one ear and hearing aid on the other)
  • Advanced Remote Assistant - makes monitoring and troubleshooting the cochlear implant system and processor easy for parents, teachers and caregivers
  • Remote Control - makes easy and discreet changes to sound processor settings with the touch of a button
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