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Hearing loss in adulthood | Featured bloggers

During the month of September, Healthy Hearing will be featuring different bloggers in the hearing loss community. From individuals with cochlear implants to parents of children with hearing loss, we'll take a closer look at some of the top blogs and resources available to you! On Thursday, we highlighted bloggers 'Fitting hearing loss into your lifestyle.' Additionally, each Friday we will have a featured author, an individual who has published a book about their experiences with hearing loss. Make sure to visit Healthy Hearing's Facebook and Twitter pages to enter to win a copy of each book!

While numerous babies are diagnosed with hearing loss every year, it's even more common for individuals to develop it over time. The following bloggers have battled hearing loss over their lifetime, whether from a traumatic injury or simply due to aging. Their writing provides us a glimpse not only into their personal lives, but their experiences living with hearing loss. Many times this means figuring out how to manage the noise on public transportation, sometimes it's trying to discipline their children and often it's simply while trying to communicate in everyday situations. 

Public transportation can be difficult for individuals with hearing losshearing/loss is a blog written by an adult who lost hearing in adulthood, post lingual, eventually going deaf and receiving a cochlear implant at the age of 39. Ronnie's blog documents not only the personal experience with losing the ability to hear later in life, but several other pieces pertinent to the deaf community, from how to ask for help, how to get help and what you have the right to ask when dealing with hearing loss. Ronnie writes with both humor and emotion, making hearing/loss the type of blog readers will become engrossed in. 

Life in Color With Closed Captions is an incredibly inventive blog offering a completely fresh perspective on hearing loss and deafness. The writer behind the blog is married to a deaf and blind man. The two originally started their romance through a close friend online and were married soon after. The blog provides an incredible amount of insight on how to communicate with someone both deaf and blind. Through sign language, instant messaging, some verbal communication (thanks to the husband's cochlear implant) and by "reading" each others hands (feeling the other person's signs), the two have continued to fall in love despite the need to go above and beyond when it comes to talking. 

My Hearing Loss Experience follows the life of Chelle, a woman whose hearing began declining at the age of 14, but wasn't recognized, diagnosed or fit with hearing aids until nine years later. In addition to battling hearing loss, Chelle also has learned to live with tinnitus.  Now, in her early 40s, she's only able to hear around 60% of sounds when in a sound treated booth; this number drops significantly when she's out in the noisy world we live in. With honesty and humor, she provides readers an opportunity to see life through her eyes, whether it's the latest phrase she's seemingly twisted into something out-there and hilarious, or through a simple phone conversation she struggles to have. 

With a Little Moxie chronicles the life of Meriah, a woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury at the age of four after being ejected through a windshield in an automobile accident. She is also what she considers 'little d' deaf, meaning that while she can hear some sound, she generally has to rely on her lipreading skills to fully understand the conversation. In addition to navigating life as a woman with profound hearing loss, she's a mother of three, a son, a daughter with Down sydrome and her newest addition, another rambunctious little boy. Through humility, honesty and humor, Meriah welcomes readers not only into her own world of hearing loss, but into the ways it impacts her family members as well. 

Deafinitely Girly is a blog penned by a young, deaf woman living in London. In addition to product reviews and advice, Deafinitely Girly provides her readers with a glimpse into to coming-into-adulthood and the way her hearing loss impacts her social life. With a bustling population, Deafinitely Girly tries to navigate her way in a hearing world through public transportation and lunch dates with her friends. While she is able to communicate using her voice, she struggles to control the volume of it which can lead her into some sticky, but funny situations. 

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