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Getting personal with hearing loss

Healthy Hearing readers speak out on what they wish others knew about their hearing loss and speak candidly to loved ones with untreated hearing loss.


Making kids part of the conversation

Talking to kids about hearing health is important. Here are some tips to keep their hearing safe and allow them to be part of the conversation.


Protecting your hearing aids in the water

With a few precautions, hearing aid users can participate in water-related activities this summer.


Studies show unique factors in hearing loss across ethnicities

Learn how the results of new studies on ethnicities and hearing loss could lead to new treatments and prevention.


Philadelphia | Be part of the conversation

If Benjamin Franklin was a hearing aid user and came back to life for a visit to his old hometown, here are just a few of the places he’d want to explore.


How to be part of the conversation about hearing loss

It's not easy to start a conversation about hearing loss, but we have some helpful tips and suggestions.


Be part of the new Healthy Hearing conversation

Check out the re-launch of our website, with more user-friendly features and information than ever before.


Hitting the road with hearing loss

Don't let hearing loss keep you from your summer road trip. Stay safe with these hints and tips.


Uber's new Partner app breaks down barriers for hearing impaired drivers

Read about how Uber's new Partner app features are changing the game for deaf and hearing impaired drivers.


Rochester | Be part of the conversation

Whether Rochester is your final destination, or just a stop on the way to one of New York’s other amazing attractions, there’s something for everyone in the Flower City


Steps to keep your brain sharp during vacation

Research confirms that incorporating challenging, fun activities into your daily or weekly schedule can sharpen your brain health and keep your hearing healthy, too.


Tips to summerproof your hearing aid

Whether you’re packing your bags to head to the seashore or just to the local gym, spend a little time and money to keep your hearing devices working effectively.


How much do summer noises impact your hearing?

Summer activities like lawn mowing, outdoor concerts and firework displays may be harming your hearing. Learn how these noises measure up.


Medicare hearing aid bill reintroduced: What it means for you

The status of the new Medicare bill and what it could mean for America's seniors and their hearing aid coverage.


New York City | Be part of the conversation

Whether you are deaf, wear hearing aids, or travel with someone who does, let Healthy Hearing’s guide help you make the most of your time in the City that Never Sleeps.


Why aren't hearing aids covered by insurance?

Find out the real reasons most insurance companies don't offer hearing aid coverage.


Frequently asked questions about hearing aids

There’s a lot to hear in this world and hearing aids may be able to help you hear them.


How to protect your hearing this Fourth of July

Do you know all you need to know about how to protect your hearing this Fourth of July? We have some tips to make sure your hearing stays healthy.


Healthy Hearing introduces 'Day in the City' series

Hearing loss is in an issue impacting not just the people suffering from it, but their friends, f...


Your summer must watch movies and documentaries

Get comfy. It's time for Healthy Hearing's summer movie list, featuring deaf or hearing-impaired actors or subject matter.


Hear's to America: Fourth of July barbecue menu

With Fourth of July right around the corner, it’s time to break out the barbecue, if you ha...


Hearing aid dos and don’ts for the summer

Summer should be fun! Don't let hearing aid issues get in the way.


Swimmer's ear can lead to temporary hearing loss

Swimmer's ear can lead to pain and temporary hearing loss. Do you have all of the information you need to know to prevent it?

Hearing Center Interview

Advanced Audiology | Hearing Center Interview

A focus on helping patients solve communication problems leads to better hearing in Valencia.

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