Oticon Alta2 Hear every note in the symphony of life.
Oticon Oticon

Oticon is a hearing aid manufacturer with a global presence that prides itself on focusing on its customers. With an intense focus on research and development, the company has won more than 20 awards since 1991.… More

Siemens Siemens

For more than 125 years, Siemens Hearing Instruments has melded innovative design and unparalleled quality of manufacturing hearing aids… More

Starkey Starkey

Starkey, a world leader in the design, development and distribution of comprehensive hearing solutions, helps people reconnect… More

Phonak Phonak

Phonak, a global leader in the development and manufacture of digital hearing aids, is recognized by hearing health care professionals… More

ReSound ReSound

ReSound digital hearing aids are feature-deep, appealing to the on-coming market of Baby Boomers looking for quality… More

Beltone Beltone

Beltone has a long-established history of client-centered care at the local level by delivering advanced digital Beltone hearing aids.… More

Unitron Unitron

Unitron is a Canadian hearing aid manufacturer that is very committed to improving the lives of people with hearing loss and allowing them to enjoy all of the sounds of life … More

Sonic Innovations Sonic Innovations

Sonic Innovations, one of the fastest growing hearing aid manufacturers worldwide, prides itself on its spectrum of hearing aid products… More

MicroTech MicroTech

MicroTech, a forward-looking hearing aid manufacturer, believes every person with hearing loss deserves high-quality hearing aids… More

Bernafon Bernafon

Bernafon's mission is to help people hear and communicate better by offering innovative hearing solutions.… More

Widex Widex

Since its inception in 1956, Widex has been family-owned and run. Today, it is a world leader in digital hearing aids, with 10 percent of the market share … More

Rayovac Rayovac

Rayovac, manufacturer of hearing aid batteries, is committed to the hearing health community and provides a wide range of product offerings… More

Energizer Energizer

Energizer is one of the most-recognized brands globally in hearing aid battery development and marketing realms, and for good reason… More

SeboTek Hearing Systems SeboTek Hearing Systems

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, SeboTek Hearing Systems is a fast-growing, privately-held company… More

Advanced Bionics Advanced Bionics

Advanced Bionics is a leader in the hearing technology industry, specifically in sophisticated cochlear implant technology.… More

Cochlear Americas Cochlear Americas

Cochlear Americas was the first company to develop and bring to market a high-functioning cochlear implant more than 25 years ago… More

Oticon Medical Oticon Medical

Oticon Medical is a specific branch of the parent company Oticon that focuses on providing hearing impaired patients with implantable hearing solutions.… More

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