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Phonak hearing aids

Phonak is a hearing aid manufacturer that strives for one thing: to help individuals with hearing loss reconnect with their loved ones and their passions through the use of hearing devices. Owned by Sonova and based in Switzerland, Phonak’s United States presence is headquartered in Warrenville, Illinois.

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Phonak recognizes how important hearing is to enjoying all aspects of life; therefore, the company seeks to create easy-to-use and technologically advanced hearing aids and assistive listening devices to help people find that enjoyment again.

Hearing aids made by Phonak

Phonak names the products in their portfolio according to the style of hearing aid, for example, the latest behind the ear (BTE) product is called the Bolero V, the receiver in the canal (RIC) product is called the Audeo V and the custom-fit products are called Virto V. Each style/brand is available in a range of technology levels: Essential, Standard, Advanced and Premium. This wide variety of technology options equates to a variety of pricing levels for each branded model. Note – the RIC style is another name for the receiver in the ear (RITE) style.​

Phonak's latest hearing aid models
Model name Style Cost Technology levels
Audeo V Receiver in the canal (RIC) $$ - $$$$

Essential (V30), Standard (50),
Advanced (V70), Premium (V90)

Bolero V Behind the ear (BTE)  $$ - $$$$ Essential (V30), Standard (50), 
Advanced (V70), Premium (V90)
Virto V In the ear (ITE), In the canal (ITC),
Completely in the canal (CIC),
Invisible in the canal (IIC)
$$ - $$$$ Essential (V30), Standard (50), 
Advanced (V70), Premium (V90)
Audeo V RIC $$ - $$$$ Tinnitus (all 4 levels)
Bolero V BTE $$ - $$$$ Tinnitus (all 4 levels)
Virto V ITE, ITC, CIC, IIC $$ - $$$$ Tinnitus (all 4 levels)
Sky Q RIC, BTE $$$ - $$$$ Pediatric
Naida Q RIC, BTE $$$ - $$$$ Super power
CROS II RIC, ITE $$$ Single-sided deafness
Lyric IIC $$$ Extended wear

Differences between Phonak’s technology levels

As with most hearing aid manufacturers, Phonak offers hearing aid technologies at several different price points. The hearing aids with the greatest number of features will carry the highest price tags.

  • Pictures of different hearing aid model types
    Each style of hearing aid
    is available in four 
    technology options.
    Phonak's “Essential” hearing aids, also called V30, include a basic feature set. There are 8 channels for customizing the hearing aid levels across different frequencies.
  • Phonak’s “Standard” hearing aids, also called V50, include the basic set of features and upgrades like an acoustic phone program that streams a phone signal to the other hearing aid. There are 12 channels for customizing hearing aid levels across frequencies.
  • Phonak’s “Advanced” hearing aids, also called V70, have all the features in Essential and Standard models in addition to features such as a music program, speech intelligibility enhancements and wind noise suppression. These hearing aids have 16 available programming channels.
  • Phonak’s “Premium” hearing aids, also called V90, have the greatest number of features. They include all the features in the first three levels plus several bonus features, including a program that is designed to improve speech in the car. These hearing aids have 20 available programming channels, which helps the hearing professional fit the most complicated hearing loss configurations.

Standard tinnitus feature

A tinnitus noise generator is part of the feature set for all of the above hearing aids styles and technology levels. This tinnitus feature is meant for use under the guidance of a professional as part of a tinnitus therapy program.

Different colors of Phonak Sky hearing aids
Sky Q hearing aids come 
in a variety of colors.

Pediatric and super power hearing aids

Phonak’s pediatric hearing aid line is called Sky Q. This line of products comes in RIC and BTE styles, as well as super power options. The pediatric hearing aids are available in the widest variety of color options. The super power hearing aid designed for adults is the Naida Q. It is available in RIC and BTE styles. This device is also available in four different levels of technology. The Sky and Naida Q products are compatible with the Roger wireless microphone system and other accessories.

Other hearing aids made by Phonak

There are two products in Phonak’s portfolio that are designed for special circumstances. The first is a hearing aid for single-sided deafness, called the CROS II. In this hearing aid pair, one device has a microphone and the other has a receiver. The device with the microphone is placed on the ear with hearing loss and the device with the receiver is placed on the ear with normal hearing ability. The signals picked up on the side of the head with the impaired ear are routed to the good ear. The second special circumstance is an extended-wear hearing aid, called the Lyric. The Lyric is an IIC product that is placed deeply in each ear canal by the practitioner and left in place for a few months. When the batteries run out, the devices are replaced.

If you’re researching Phonak hearing aids, you may come across some of their legacy hearing aid models, such as Audeo Q, Bolero Q, Ambra, Solana, Cassia and Dalia. Talk to a hearing care professional if you want to learn more about any model of Phonak hearing aids.

Assistive listening devices made by Phonak

In addition to an extensive line-up of hearing aids, Phonak offers other assistive technology to work with their hearing aids to improve hearing ability in a variety of situations. They have the Roger Easy Pen, Roger Clip-on Mic and Roger Receivers, a line of wireless accessories to improve conversations in noisy situations or over a distance. They also offer the Phonak TVLink II, which works in conjunction with ComPilot II or ComPilot Air II to stream television and other audio signals to your hearing aids. Phonak EasyCall II streams mobile phone calls to both hearing aids for ease of listening. The latest assistive listening device (ALD) products are compatible with the latest hearing aid models. If you are interested in purchasing an ALD to go with a legacy product, be sure to ask your hearing care professional which accessories are compatible with your hearing aids.

A short history of Phonak

Phonak’s history begins nearly 70 years ago. Their longevity has enriched the creation of devices currently available. The following dates were significant milestones for Phonak:

  • 1947 – The company is founded by a group of French-Belgian investors.
  • 1978 – Phonak launches SuperFront, a hearing aid with high amplification capabilities.
  • 1989 – The Phonak group establishes a U.S. office.
  • 1999 – Phonak announces the Claro, the first digital hearing aids to include a fully integrated FM system.
  • 2007 – Phonak is acquired by the Sonova Group.
  • 2014 – Phonak introduces the Venture technology platform, which is designed to reduce battery usage up to 30 percent.

Phonak’s humanitarian work

Phonak’s parent company, Sonova Group, is proud to help individuals all over the globe hear well. Based on the premise of helping people regain their life passions, the Hear the World Foundation works to ensure individuals with hearing loss everywhere receive equal opportunity for access to hearing care. Supporting Hear the World Foundation means supporting quality hearing devices for everyone - especially those in third-world countries.

Phonak’s sister companies

Phonak is a part of a larger corporation, Sonova Group, which also operates the hearing device company Unitron. The hearing aid models produced by Unitron include Quantum², Moxi², Moxi² Kiss, Quantum Pro and Max. Sonova group also owns Advanced Bionics, a cochlear implant company. Advanced Bionics strives to develop cutting-edge technology to enable users with severe-to-profound hearing loss enjoy sound again. Their cochlear implant processor models include Naida CI Q70, Neptune and Harmony.

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