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Unitron knows hearing matters, and their innovation is driven by collaboration with leading research institutions in Canada and the United States and strong relationships with hearing healthcare professionals.

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Unitron is a hearing aid manufacturer based in the Kitchener-Waterloo region of Ontario, Canada, often called “Canada’s Silicon Valley.” Today, the company has U.S. headquarters in Plymouth, Minnesota and its products can be found in more than 46 countries worldwide.

Hearing aids made by Unitron

Unitron product lineup
Unitron offers hearing solutions for every

Unitron offers several product families each containing different performance levels. As with other manufacturers, the higher performance levels have the most sophisticated features and come with a higher retail price.

  • Moxi – This product family consists of four receiver in the canal (RIC) instruments including the Moxi Now, Moxi Fit, Moxi Kiss and Moxi Dura. The instruments are different sizes and offer slightly different features for most every hearing loss and preference. The newest member of the Moxi family is the Moxi Fit R, a tiny rechargeable RIC instrument.
  • Stride – Made up of three behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids with different levels of power, a full line of in the ear (ITE) hearing aids, and five technology levels, Stride is Unitron’s most versatile product line.
  • Max – Consisting of two traditional BTE models and offered in three technology levels, the Max product line is specifically designed for people with severe and profound hearing loss.

Pediatric, specialty and tinnitus products made by Unitron

Unitron does not offer products exclusively geared towards infants, toddlers and teens. However, their BTE products are equipped with some features that can be helpful for the pediatric population such as direct audio input (DAI), essential for classroom learning.

Unitron offers a unique feature called Flex that allows an interactive try-before-you-buy customized experience perfect for first-time hearing aid wearers. The Flex program also offers easy technology upgrades and the ability for wearers to provide real-time feedback about their hearing aid experience directly to their hearing healthcare professional using a smartphone app. Flex can help providers better accommodate your preferences.

All technology levels and all product families offered by Unitron contain a tinnitus masking feature that can, with the guidance of your hearing care professional, help you overcome tinnitus and make it less noticeable while you are wearing your hearing aids.

Assistive listening devices made by Unitron

Like other hearing aid manufacturers, Unitron offers many different types of accessories and assistive listening devices that work with their hearing aids to enhance the listening experience or help you hear better in very specific listening situations. Different accessories are compatible with different Unitron hearing aids, so ask your hearing care provider which accessories are right for you.

  • uControl 2.0 app – acts with a smartphone to adjust hearing aids and provide feedback to hearing healthcare provider
  • Remote control and Remote control 2 – used to change volume and other hearing aid settings
  • Smart control – a fully-featured remote control that provides access to hearing aid settings and preferences for clarity and sound quality
  • IIC control – Unitron’s smallest and most discreet remote control
  • uStream – discreet device that allows audio streaming from Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, TVs and music players
  • uDirect 2 and uDirect 3 – stereo sound and hands-free audio streaming from Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, TVs and music players
  • uMic – personal wireless microphone that helps you hear your companion more easily in crowded or noisy environments
  • uTV 2 and uTV 3 – specialized streaming devices for watching your favorite television programs with individual control over volume

Unitron’s charitable contributions

Unitron cares about the communities where its employees live and work, and they strive to be good corporate citizens through their support of the following organizations:

  • Lions Foundation of Canada DogGuides
  • Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss
  • Hear the World Foundation
  • Lions International Infant Hearing Aid Bank
  • Minnesota Hands and Voices
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