Sonic Innovations

Contributed by Brande Plotnick, MS, MBA, managing editor, Healthy Hearing
Sonic Innovations

Sonic Innovations is a hearing aid manufacturer that strives to make every day sound better by providing the highest quality hearing aids that mimic natural hearing.

This content was last reviewed on: May 15th, 2017

Formed in 1991in Utah to market hearing aid technology developed at Brigham Young University, the company was originally named Sonix Technologies. Initially, it was funded privately, and it was supported early on by Utah's Centers of Excellence program. In 2000, it became publicly traded and now has U.S. headquarters in Somerset, New Jersey and a market presence in more than 25 countries.

Hearing aids made by Sonic Innovations

Sonic hearing aid lineup and logos
Sonic Innovations strives to make 
every day sound better.

Sonic offers several product lines that include all hearing aid models and different performance levels to suit every hearing loss and budget.

  • Celebrate – This product family, the newest from Sonic, is made up of two different traditional behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids, one mini receiver in the ear (RITE) instrument and a full array of custom in the ear devices including a discreet invisible in the canal (IIC) instrument. Celebrate products are available in two high-end performance levels.
  • Cheer – Three traditional BTEs, one discreet RITE, and a full line of ITE hearing aids give you plenty of styles to choose from in the Cheer product family. This value-focused product line consists of three performance levels.
  • Journey – This is a product made exclusively for people with severe to profound hearing loss. This traditional BTE hearing aid is available in two mid-range performance levels to offer plenty of flexibility.
  • BlissBliss offers a traditional BTE, a mini BTE and a full line of custom ITEs with a full range of features in two performance levels.
  • Charm – Like Bliss, the Charm product line is available in a BTE, a mini BTE and a full line of ITEs. You can choose from two value-focused performance levels.
  • Pep – This product line is designed for first-time wearers or those who have basic hearing needs. It is available in one value-priced performance level, and wearers can choose from a traditional BTE, power BTE or three custom ITE models.
  • Flip – Intended for discretion and easy fitting, Flip is a mini receiver in canal (RIC) instrument available in four performance levels.

Pediatric, specialty and tinnitus products made by Sonic Innovations

Sonic Innovations does not offer a dedicated line of products for children, babies and teens. However, many of their traditional BTE instruments feature direct audio input (DAI) which is a key feature needed for classroom learning and better hearing in public places.

Many tinnitus sufferers gain some relief from their tinnitus simply by wearing hearing instruments. Some manufacturers either offer dedicated tinnitus products or they incorporate tinnitus noise masking features into their products. Tinnitus has not been a focus for Sonic, however.

Assistive listening devices made by Sonic Innovations

Sonic Innovations recognizes that wireless connectivity is paramount in improving hearing in specialized listening situations and staying connected to today’s large selection of personal audio devices. Ask your hearing care provider which accessories are right for you.

  • SoundGate – discreet accessory that acts as a wireless hub for your favorite audio devices like your mobile phone and personal music player; the SoundLink smartphone app for iPhone or Android allows you to change hearing aid settings and sound sources through your smartphone
  • SoundGate Mic – personal wireless microphone that allows you to hear a speaker at a distance in a noisy environment or classroom setting right through your hearing devices
  • RC-N Remote Control – easily control hearing aid settings like volume and program settings with this discreet remote control
  • TV Adapter – couples with your hearing aids to allow you to enjoy your favorite TV programs at a volume that is comfortable for you without distracting others in the room
  • Phone Adapter – works with SoundGate to connect your hearing aids to a landline phone, allowing you to answer calls remotely and stream audio right to your hearing aids
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