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Virginia Gural-Toth,
AuD, CCC-A, Manager of Audiology Programs


Virginia Gural-Toth earned her Audiology degree from George S. Osborne School of Audiology at Salus University. She is the Manager of the Audiology program at JFK and oversees a team of highly trained and qualified Hearing Specialist. She has over 25 years of clinical experience with both adults and pediatrics who have hearing, balance and auditory processing problems.
She is also experienced and trained in various methods of tinnitus treatment including Tinnitus Retraining Therapy. She has lectured on these and other subjects at various professional conferences and written several articles on hearing, balance and auditory processing disorders.



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“Five years ago, after my last pair of HAs went on the fritz, I came to JFK for another hearing assessment and a new set of hearing aids. The hearing assessment went well, state of the art equipment. After getting the new HAs, a pair of Phonak Marvel M70-R (read: expensive), it seemed, in 20-20 hindsight, that there wasn't much improvement. After a month or so, my spouse began to periodically note that she thought that the old ones had been better. Over the next years, I thought this was just my hearing getting worse. (Which it probably was.). This year, I'm retired and am on a Medicare Advantage plan, which had a HA benefit. Found out that JFK wasn't in-network any more, so found a nearby in-network fellow. On the first visit, my spouse came with me and, louder and louder, kept on pointing out that these hearing aids weren't doing me much good. As she did so (with my apologetic concurrence), this fellow's eyebrows kept on going up and up. "Didn't you try to adjust them?" "Well, I did tell the audiologist a week later that there wasn't much improvement. The only adjustment is for volume, period." His reaction: That's strange: These are the first generation Good Ones - there's all sorts of adjustments you can make!". I looked at him funny. "What adjustments?" He took them from me. First: They were three firmware updates out of date. Hearing aids are basically small computers: Updates fix bugs and introduce improvements. I had been going to JFK periodically over the past five years and nobody had said anything about this. Second: He added a bunch of new, previously unknown presets to the hearing aids and the app: Auto, Restaurant, Music & TV. Each of those have sliders that adjust a plethora of things: Equalizer (i.e., frequency response), volume, noise reduction, speech focus (narrow or wide in front of one), and dynamic range. Changes in the standard presets can be saved under new names. Nobody at JFK, when I got these HAs, or in the years following, mentioned that _any_ of these adjustments, by the user, were possible. I was in shock. That evening the spouse and I went to dinner at a pretty noisy restaurant. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS I COULD UNDERSTAND WHAT SHE WAS SAYING. And this was _without_ changing the basic frequency response of the aids - just putting the things into "restaurant mode". In the six weeks since this happened my life has changed, for the better. I can hear the dialog at movie theaters; I can hear what friends are saying, on and off the phone. I don't have the hearing of a 20 year old (that's not going to happen, period), but it's made a major difference in my life. Without changing hearing aids. I retired last year. Some of the reason (by no means all) was that I was having trouble talking to co-workers. And thinking of not hearing my daughter's vows at her wedding last year.. If I had even a _hint_ that the hearing aids were capable of this, I would have been all over it, being the techie that I am. I'm furious with JFK. This Was Their Job. And They Didn't Do It. For Years. What the heck? I suppose there is a _kind_ of an excuse: When I got these things, they were so new that my actually getting them fitted, 'way back then, was delayed a week while the software to adjust them was installed on their PC. (Something about the PC's being locked down) But that still doesn't excuse them never telling me about the advanced features of the hearing aids over the following five years. And never updating the firmware, either, something that on these hearing aids mere mortals cannot do.”

Kenneth B. of Metuchen, NJ   
08/24/2023    Review submitted online

Official Response from JFK Medical Center The Center for Audiology:
“Thank you for bringing to my attention the problem you encountered with the programming of your hearing aids and apologize for how this has impacted your ability to utilize your hearing aids optimally. I have reviewed our procedures when providing patients with information about the programming options with hearing aid technology so that incidents like this will not be repeated in the future. Our policy is to provide our patients with the highest quality of care and service. To that end, we take patients' concerns very seriously and look to resolve any issues brought forward. Please contact me directly so that I can further understand more about the dissatisfaction you encountered. My apologies for how this situation impacted your ability to hear. ”
Received 12/11/2023

“I went there to get ear impressions done so I could get custom musicians' in-ear monitors made. They weren't willing to work with the in-ear monitor company, to get the impressions done, which was the whole point of going there. So what I ended up doing, so it wouldn't be a waste of time, was I got some molded musician ear plugs. So I still haven't gotten my in-ear monitors, so I'm using cheap ones and I can't hear the band that well. ”

David A. of Dunellen, NJ   
10/14/2015    Review verified by phone

Official Response from JFK Medical Center The Center for Audiology:
“David, Thank you for your feedback in reference to the experience you had at our facility. I apologize that we did not provide you with the service/product you requested. Here at JFK we strive to work with each individual and meet their needs, however there are situations that due to licensing regulations we are unable to complete this. I would ask you to call us so we can readdress this situation. Respectfully, Virginia Toth ”
Received 12/13/2023

“She was well informed. I've been going to many audiologists for over 10 years, and she was good.”

Linda G. of Edison, NJ   
10/03/2015    Review verified by phone

“It was great. They are very nice over there. He really went into detail. ”

Clara S. of Woodbridge, NJ   
09/12/2015    Review verified by phone

“They actually took their time to understand her and find a way to conduct their test because she has problems speaking, and they did a great job.”

Wendy S. of Perth Amboy, NJ   
09/02/2015    Review verified by phone

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Our primary focus is on improving communication function

The Center for Audiology is located in the JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute (JRI). We provide a full range of hearing services to patients of all ages. With our main office in Edison and our satellite office in Monroe, we can help you find a hearing solution to meet all of your hearing needs.  Our highly trained staff has clinical expertise and up to date technical knowledge to help you in make the best decision. It is our objective to address the specific needs of every patient in order to enhance their quality of life.

Our locations listed below:

65 James St
Edison, NJ  08820

Satellite office location
300 Overlook Dr
Monroe, NJ  08831

Hearing care services

The Center for Audiology at JFK offers a full range of comprehensive audiological testing and evaluations. Our full service department offers the following:

  • hearing evaluations
  • hearing aid sales and service
  • tinnitus evaluation and management
  • balance and dizziness assessment
  • assisstive listening devices
  • custom devices
(732) 372-4040

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Evening and/or weekend hours available by appointment. Please call to schedule.

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