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Alysia Moon earned her Master of Arts degree in audiology from Northwestern University, and her Doctor of Audiology degree from Central Michigan University. She has over 14 years of clinical experience working in Hospital settings and private practices.


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“Professional, patient, knowledgeable, and efficient. Everything you need when discovering the world of hearing aids. Also Covid safe. ”

Tim K. of Reading, MA   
08/26/2020    Review submitted online

“Went in for an evaluation of purchasing a new hearing aid. confirmed multiple times there would not be a charge. as we were leaving the receptionist asked the doctor for a bill. Dr. Nataliya Ayzenberg said there is no bill but when I got home I got a phone call saying they forgot to charge us $75. I told them we originally had an appointment in October which I canceled when they told me there would be a $75 office visit charge and an unknown dollar amount to get it repaired. so I canceled the appointment as we decided it would be better to do an evaluation for a new hearing aid since this one had already been repaired once for a $250 charge and Tufts was offering new hearing aid at a much lower cost. When I made the new appointment for November I explicitly stated that I was solely coming in for an evaluation to get a new hearing aid at the lower cost Tufts was offering. I confirmed at least three times during that conversation that there would not be an office visit charge. I also confirmed this with Hearing Care solutions who contracts with Tufts. During the appointment the doctor said oh you already have hearing aids. let me dry them for you and see if this resolves the problem. She also informed us that we could buy a hearing aid dryer for $25 if we have a problem in the future with the aid, which we said we would purchase and did. Had the doctor told me this would then cause us to be charged $75 I would have declined the offer for her to clean them as I was purchasing the dryer and could do it myself. obviously she was also not aware of the $75 charge as I stated above when we were leaving the receptionist asked her for a bill and she said there was not one because it was a hearing Care solutions case. Now this $75 has gone to a collection agency. I would not recommend this company and will never return. ”

Vieno F. of Woburn, MA   
01/03/2020    Review submitted online

Official Response from Moon Hearing Services:
“We apologize for the misunderstanding that occurred between you and our staff. The patient was scheduled for an evaluation to receive new hearing aids, and this evaluation is covered 100% by your insurance. During appointments, we give patients the option for us to inspect and diagnose their existing hearing aids to determine whether they can be repaired instead of replaced, which is often substantially less expensive. We cannot guarantee that these procedures will be successful, and like other audiologists, we cannot offer this service for free - in this case the charge was $75, as you were informed back in October. Fortunately the cleaning solved the issues and meant that it was not necessary to purchase brand new hearing aids at $250 per ear. After the patient and the audiologist were satisfied that the existing aids were in good working condition, we presented the option of purchasing a dry aid kit for $25 to protect them from moisture in the future. That said, you should have been reminded of the $75 fee before these services were performed so that you could choose to decline them and instead just purchase new hearing aids as planned. This was an error on our part, and you were mistakenly told that there would be no charge because the scheduled appointment was originally an evaluation for new aids (covered fully by insurance) rather than a service check for the current aids (not covered by insurance). Our staff realized the error after you had already left the office, so you were sent a bill. We then contacted you several times about the outstanding balance before passing your account to collection. However, it was not fair to have charged you in the first place when you were told - even mistakenly - that there would be no charge, and once we fully understood the situation we acted quickly to resolve it. We canceled the outstanding statement with the collection agency and waived the service fee immediately after speaking with you on the phone. We're very sorry that you had a negative experience with us, and we hope you have a better experience elsewhere. ”
Received 01/07/2020

“I am extremely unhappy on a number of items. First and foremost, I was misled about my insurance coverage of my hearing exam. I was never informed that they are out of network, and I therefore was responsible for the entire cost. Had I known, there would be absolutely no reason to incur such charges as there are numerous providers in network. I never received a bill, but today received a call threatening a collection agency three times. I will never return there again as I cannot trust them. I feel that I was deceived and cheated.”

John A. of Burlington, MA   
12/23/2019    Review submitted online

Official Response from Moon Hearing Services:
“Hello, You are absolutely correct. You should have been told about your coverage by our staff member and received an invoice. That was an error on our part. We apologize for this poor experience and will retrain our staff members about our insurance coverage. You have received a 100% refund. ”
Received 12/26/2019

“I went there and I was shown the different styles of hearing aids and how much they cost. I liked the way she explained the different kinds of hearing aids. What I'm upset about is that I was charged $55 for that. I went assuming I was going to buy some hearing aids and they said the $55 would be applied to the price of the hearing aids, but now that I've decided not to get the hearing aids, I'd actually like my $55 back because I'm not sure why I paid it. ”

Ken B. of Woburn, MA   
11/18/2015    Review verified by phone

Official Response from Moon Hearing Services:
“Thank you for your feedback. Our hearing aid evaluation provides up to one hour of consultation by a licensed audiologist to assess each patient's particular needs and to educate the patient about different circuitries and styles of hearing aids available. We also contact the patient's insurance provider to determine eligibility for coverage. Your fee pays for the audiologist's and staff's time, and is applied in full toward the cost of hearing aids if you decide to purchase them. Patients are informed about the fee at the beginning of their appointment, and of course have the option not to proceed with the consultation if they choose. ”
Received 03/19/2018

“Excellent! Very professional!”

James D. of Stoneham, MA   
11/14/2014    Review received via mail

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We help you hear better!

Moon Hearing Services provides the latest technology advanced hearing devices and complete hearing care services to meet all of our patients hearing needs. We work together with you to make sure you make the best choices for your individual needs and lifestyle. 

Hearing care services

We provide full comprehensive hearing services including:

•A Complete hearing evaluation and testing •Hearing aid evaluation and dispensing •Hearing aid adjustment and servicing •Custom ear protection •Assistive listening devices •Custom swim molds •Bone Conductors

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