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The free guides we provide are part of the original content we produce to help you make informed decisions. The hearing experts at Healthy Hearing, including audiologist, Dr. Mandy Mroz and hearing instrument specialist, Susanne Jones, have worked alongside our hearing healthcare content editor, Joy Victory and dedicated staff writers, to pull together useful consumer information and the most commonly asked questions about hearing loss and hearing aids for these 3rd edition guides.

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Get the information for yourself, so you can be part of a conversation with a loved one or to start a conversation when you reach out to a hearing care professional. View our online directory to read reviews and find helpful information on a hearing care professional near you.

Hearing Loss Guide: Our hearing loss guide is designed to help you or a loved one find the information they need to address hearing loss issues. We’ve packed this edition with helpful tips and charts to make understanding and finding treatment for hearing loss easier for you!
Hearing Aids Guide: The 3rd edition of our hearing aids guide addresses what you need to know most: how to select hearing aid types and what features are most important to you! The tips and graphics in this guide will help you make an informed decision when contemplating hearing devices.
Tinnitus Guide: We’ve updated our tinnitus guide to focus on the information you really want! From causes and prevention to relief and treatments available, this comprehensive guide will help you find tips and tricks to seeking help for this condition.
Assistive Listening Devices Guide: Our assistive listening devices guide is loaded with information and examples of types of assistive listening devices which may be available to you! Whether you need something to pair with your hearing aid for entertainment value or you’re seeking an alerting device, this 3rd edition provides you with options to consider.
Children's Guide: Hearing loss in children can be a complicated issue for parents to address. That’s why we’ve created this brand new guide to help you understand the causes and treatment options for our child’s hearing loss.

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Over the years, millions of visitors to Healthy Hearing have found our consumer guides to be useful resources they can print and take on the go. This particular series, which contains five guides, is the 3rd edition and is optimized to be printed or downloaded and read on a tablet or computer. Additionally, this edition features a helpful glossary of common terms associated with hearing loss, as well as a special section on talking to loved ones about hearing loss issues. And to provide you with the most comprehensive information, we have included handy links to resources and references embedded in the document.

Whether you’re seeking specific information or are simply looking to further your understanding of hearing loss, our informative guides will equip you with the knowledge you need to be part of the conversation.

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