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About Oticon Intiga

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Bring your world closer with Intiga

Oticon Intiga is a tiny, sleek, high-performance hearing device from Oticon. With Intiga you can spend less time and effort trying to understand and more time enjoying life. 

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Listen with Quiet Clarity

Intiga has a high-speed sound processing chip and wireless technology that work in harmony to help organize and select the sounds and voices you hear. Placement close to the eardrum enables the fully automatic hearing instrument to use the natural acoustics of the ear to deliver a pleasing, transparent sound quality. You will strain less to understand, so you will have more energy to respond, communicate and give back. You can take part in life the way you want to.

Put it on and Forget it

Intiga’s automatic functionality means you won’t have to fiddle with switches to adjust it.

Tear Down the Wall of Sound

If you have hearing loss, background noise can be a huge barrier. Intiga’s new Spatial Sound technology makes it easier to separate conversation from background noise. You can focus on the voices that are speaking to you and shift attention to other voices as you choose.

Something for Everyone

For those who may not be candidates for the custom-made IntigaË¡, Oticon offers the small, sleek and stylish Intiga, a high performance hearing instrument that fits almost invisibly behind the ear. Intiga is the world’s smallest fully wireless hearing solution, enabling the device to act as a wireless, hands-free headset for cell phones and other entertainment devices. The Intiga is offered in a variety of colors and options, from pearl to violet and with open dome or micro mold.

For more information on Oticon Intiga, visit www.oticonusa.com/product-showcase/hearing-devices/design/intiga-family/about-intiga.aspx.

This content was last reviewed on: October 3rd, 2014

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