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“I, as most have a job that requires "hearing" and understanding what is being instructed or questioned. I feel certain that those around me were getting tired of my, "I'm sorry", could you please repeat that, I don't hear very well".. it was more irritating to myself than it was to those that I asked forgiveness of. If I was in a meeting of sorts or a small group or church congregation, I found myself missing out on Key words. Of course in those situation you can't ask to have it "repeated please". I studied my finances to realize that I could not not afford to get something done. I searched for local expertise and found Mr. Jimmy Steward and his side kick Lydia. My husband was in much agreement with me that I needed help with my lack of hearing. We were greeted at our first appointment as if we were doing them a favor. We felt, I felt very comfortable with Mr. Steward (HIS). I learned there was so much more involved in hearing than "just sound". Socially interacting, personal interacting and professional interaction was almost being placed in a dark shadow area. I started, just saying "oh well, never mind, didn't matter, "i guess". But Jimmy Steward had me, us realize that that was not acceptable living. Yes, I was starting to feel exceptionally dumb, but learned I didn't have to be. It was that I had hearing loss in both ears. The crispness or softness of sound was not even recognizable to me. Jimmy Steward patiently ran the series of hearing test to learn I had great hope of improving my quality of life. He present the types of hearing devices that would most help me. Without pressuring me, he loaned a pair for a week. It was unbelievable to learn that my brain, nerve endings, sound were there. I didn't know or maybe had forgotten they existed. Again, with no pressure my husband and I were showed a plan that we could work with to obtain my now "new hearing aids". I would highly recommend Mr. Jimmy Steward and staff to anyone. He truly cares for his patients. He wants only to have them improve their quality of life through being able to hear and listen with ease in all situations. A 5 STAR rating plus for sure. Thank you.”

of Crozet, VA
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