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“Description of Experience: This (5/29/14) was my first personal appointment with Dr. Holmes. I have known for a couple of years that I needed hearing aids, but have not been in a position to get them until now. I went in with the specific purpose of getting a current hearing test and to purchase hearing aids. (I'm tired of having to ask people to repeat what they say, and I'm tired of "hearing" but not "understanding" what others say.) First, a bit of background, as to why I chose this audiology practice -- I originally had my hearing tested a couple of times in the summer of 2012. My mother and I went to two different offices for "free hearing evaluations." (Both evaluations had similar results for both of us.) The first office I was not impressed with; the second I really liked. Dr. Anderson was a certified audiologist, and did an excellent job with my mother. Mom got hearing aids from her, and I was always really impressed with the service she provided in working with Mom -- especially since Mom was beginning to struggle with early dementia. Some time in 2013, Dr. Anderson sold her practice to Dr. Holmes, and he contacted both of us, requesting permission to have our records transferred to his office. (I was happy to sign the requested permission; Mom accepted my assessment and signed, too.) About that time, Mom started complaining about "not being able to hear very well"; as it was time for a regularly-scheduled "maintenance visit" anyway, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Holmes and took her in. There was some kind of problem with her hearing aids (I don't remember what it was now), and Dr. Holmes needed to send them off for repair. He gave her a "loaner," and we went our way. A bit later in the day, he called me, and told me he'd figured out what was wrong with Mom's hearing aids, and had been able to adjust them in his office, so didn't need to send them in. He volunteered to bring them to us, so that we didn't have to make a special trip back to get them. At that point, we were in Ooltewah, and he was at his Hixson office, north of Northgate Mall. That didn't deter him -- he brought them out to us anyway, even though he lives the opposite direction. At that point, I decided that, when I was in a position to get hearing aids myself, he was the provider I would use. In early April of this year, his office called me, telling me that the warranty on Mom's hearing aids was close to expiring, and he wanted to check them out thoroughly, and make sure they were in good working order before the warranty expired. That also really impressed me -- most providers wold just let the warranty expire, then charge whatever it cost when they needed service the next time. The aids needed some work done on them (a button had come off, and they had some other kind of problem that I don't remember), so he sent them off for repair, and, again, sent us home with a loaner. He called a week or so later, and told me the aids were back, so we scheduled an appointment to pick them up on April 21. Mom, who had had a mild heart attack the beginning of March, and was in Rehab (doing very well) apparently had another heart-attack on April 20, and was gone in 30 minutes, so we were not able to get the refurbished hearing aids. Because of another (out of town) family crisis that landed in our laps a week after Mom died, I was not able to return the loaner immediately, and asked if I could return it after we got back from NC. I also told them I was ready to make an appointment to get hearing aids for myself. He had no problem with that; told me to bring the loaner back when I could. He felt it was better for me to hold on to it for a while, and bring it back in person, than to try to mail it. My actual appointment -- My appointment went very well yesterday. He spent about an hour and a half with me, gave good explanations, and answered all my questions. He ordered the hearing aid, and will call when it is in. He told me to plan on a 1 1/2 - 2 hour appointment when it comes in, so he can make sure everything is adjusted properly. After I get it, he wants me bring it home and use it for a couple of weeks, then go back and let him fine-tune it. I would 1000% (yes, I put three "zeros" on purpose) recommend Dr. Holmes to anyone needing a hearing aid. The Red Bank office is his main office, but he also has satellite offices in Hixson (the first one I visited with Mom) and in Trenton, GA (Dr. Anderson's old office.) Since I live in Cleveland, TN and Mom moved from Lookout Mountain, GA to Ringgold, GA a little over a year ago, the Trenton office really wasn't very convenient for either of us any more. It's a bit of a drive to Red Bank, but it's worth it (to me) to get that quality of service! Thank you Dr. Holmes, and Paula (Redbank / Hixson receptionist) and Kathy (Trenton receptionist)! It is not uncommon for Dr. Holmes to answer the phone himself -- something that rarely happens in any kind of medical office. 7/21/14 Update -- I have my hearing aids, and really like them. I've been in several times for "fine-tuning" appointments, and have been very happy with the service I've received every time. One BIG "plus" for Dr. Holmes (above and beyond the excellent service) is that he is a member of a program called "Ear Q," which means I have a 4-year warranty (and unlimited office visits during that time) instead of the 2-year warranty all non-Ear-Q members offer on hearing aids.”

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