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Thursday, August 26th 2004

Scientists Address Possible New Approaches to Treating the Epidemic Problem of Otitis Media LOS ANGELES - July 20, 2004 - Research scientists in the House Ear Institute's...

Tuesday, August 24th 2004

CHICAGO Increasing stroke severity, as measured by the National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale, increases the likelihood that stroke patients who are treated with clot-dissol...

Monday, August 23rd 2004

After I take the tab off my battery, do I have to use it right away? If not, should I put the tab back on?

Tuesday, August 17th 2004

And is the First Directional System Available for True In-the-Canal InstrumentsHearing instrument wearers are often exposed to an enormous range of noise from various sources and...

Monday, August 9th 2004

I have been reading about implantable hearing devices and am confused. Please explain the difference between bone conduction implants and middle ear implants.

Monday, August 2nd 2004

What accessories are available for use with a cochlear implant, especiallyfor the telephone? Please explain the options and alternatives.

Wednesday, July 28th 2004

Somerset, NJ, July 1 I.D. Magazine has awarded the prestigious Design Distinction Award to Oticon for the design of Lexis wireless personal communication system. Oticons Copenhag...

Monday, July 26th 2004

I just got new hearing aids, but have a lot of static when I use my cell phone. What can I do?

Monday, July 26th 2004

CHICAGO Opposition to cochlear implantation for children within the deaf community appears to be diminishing, according to an article in the May issue of The Archives Otolaryng...

Sunday, July 18th 2004

CHICAGO The number of persons in the United States affected by cataracts is estimated to rise to 30.1 million people in the next 20 years, an increase of 50 percent, to...

Wednesday, July 14th 2004

Lancet 2004; 363: 1570, 1607-08Results of a preliminary study in this week's issue of THE LANCET suggest that statins (cholesterol-lowering drugs) could have potential in the...

Monday, July 5th 2004

I had an acoustic neuroma surgically removed two years ago and have no hearing in my left ear. I have repeatedly discussed my hearing difficulties with my physician. I tried a CROS hearing aid, but was unhappy with its performance. What are candidacy crit

Monday, July 5th 2004

LOS ANGELES - May 12, 2004 - The House Ear Institute's 19th annual Family Camp was held at Camp Hess Kramer from May 21 - 23 in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains overlooking...

Saturday, July 3rd 2004

What would you do if you couldnt communicate with family and friends, neighbors, and colleagues? What if you couldnt let others know what you need, what you want, or how feel?...

Thursday, July 1st 2004

CHICAGO Cholesterol levels vary with the seasons, reaching their highest levels in the winter months, according to an article in the April 26 issue of The Archives of Med...

Monday, June 28th 2004

My hearing aid has been sent back to the manufacturer for repair three times in the last year and a half. Each time it comes back, the manufacturer reports that the problem was earwax. Is this possible? If so, what can I do to prevent this problem from

Friday, June 25th 2004

DENVER - June 2004 - Heather Whitestone McCallum, the first deaf woman to be crowned Miss America and recent Cochlear Nucleus 24 Contour' recipient, will share her experience...

Wednesday, June 23rd 2004

Noise Can Painlessly and Silently Steal Your Hearing ROCKVILLE, MD - May 21, 2004 - Summer is here, and with the warm weather comes more outdoor activities that can e...

Monday, June 21st 2004

I wear BTE hearing aids and work in a factory. I have NIHL [noise induced hearing loss] and wear earmuffs over my hearing aids. Safety glasses are required in my workplace. I find the fit of my earmuffs very tight, the outer ear is being pinched. Is there

Sunday, June 20th 2004

CHICAGO The APOE epsilon 4 allele (variation in a certain gene that has been linked with Alzheimer disease) appears to be a powerful risk factor for developing Alzheimer (...

Monday, June 14th 2004

Chicago - Refractive errors (inability of the eye to focus properly) affect about one-third of people 40 years and older in the United States and Western Europe, and one-fifth of...

Sunday, June 13th 2004

Study Results Presented in Advance of April 28, International Noise Awareness Day, Confirm Effects of Noise on Hearing for Audio Professionals, Musicians and General...

Friday, June 11th 2004

CHICAGO Including more calcium in the diet may help to reduce the risk of kidney stone formation in younger women, according to an article in the April 26 issue of The of...

Monday, June 7th 2004

Lancet 2004; 363: 1335, 1341-45A UK study in this week's issue of THE LANCET suggests that reliance on published studies alone to guide the treatment of childhood depression...

Saturday, June 5th 2004

Coalition Sends Letter to Members of CongressROCKVILLE, MD - May 6, 2004 - The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), along with 34 other organizations, is asking...

Page 89 of 99 - 2468 Results
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