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How Do I Reactivate My Hearing Aid Desiccant?

There are several hearing aid drying kits that are available and many use different drying agents or desiccants to remove moisture buildup in a hearing aid. As you mentioned, when the desiccant cannot absorb any additional moisture you have to replace them, or find a way to remove the moisture, a.k.a "recharge" them.

A warning, some of these desiccants can be "recharged" and some of them cannot. I would advise you to consult with your audiologist to find out the type of desiccant your kit uses.

Many of these rechargeable kits use metal cans filled with desiccant. So, the most common way to dry out the desiccant is to simply bake the can in your oven. Another warning, I don't know the exact drying system that you are using. I would advise you again to consult your audiologist to find out your exact make and type of drying kit to get proper instructions.

Westone www.westone.com makes a kit called the Hearing Aid Saver. I was able to visit the Westone web site and downloaded the instructions on how to use it. If you use this specific drying kit, these instructions should help you!

Westone Hearing Aid Saver Instructions:

Store your hearing instrument in this container when not in use. Moisture will be absorbed into the enclosed Hearing Aid Saver pillow. Keep the lid closed tightly. This high impact container will protect your hearing instrument from accidental breakage. Be sure to remove the battery before placing your hearing instrument in this case; failure to do so may shorten battery life. Leave the battery compartment open when placing your instrument in the container. Important: The Hearing Aid Saver uses Silica Gel to absorb moisture. Periodically you must reactivate this material. About 10% of the beads are indicator beads. These beads are colored blue. The indicator beads will lose their color as the Hearing Aid Saver fills with moisture. When there are no longer any blue indicator beads visible in the pillow, is time to reactivate.

To Reactivate:

Microwave Oven: Remove pillow from the container. Place on a microwave safe plate with the plastic side of the pillow up. Heat for 1 minute on high. The indicator beads will turn blue. If the indicator beads do not turn blue, heat for an additional 30 seconds. Warning: Do not exceed 2 minutes total. Let the Hearing Aid Saver pillow cool before handling.

Conventional Oven: Remove pillow from the container. Place the pillow (plastic side up) on a cookie sheet in a 325 degree oven for thirty minutes or until the indicator beads have turned blue. Turn the oven off, carefully remove the pillow, and allow it to cool before handling.

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