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The Beltone Marq: Good Things Come In Small Packages

The Beltone Marq: Good Things Come In Small Packages Gordon E. Moore is one smart man. The co-founder of computer chip giant, Intel, made a prediction back in 1965 that computer capacity and function would double every 24 months. The reason? Because as advances... 2007 691 The Beltone Marq: Good Things Come In Small Packages

Gordon E. Moore is one smart man. The co-founder of computer chip giant, Intel, made a prediction back in 1965 that computer capacity and function would double every 24 months. The reason? Because as advances to computer technology make their way into the hands of computer chip designers, there are more computers in position to produce the next generation of faster, more powerful computer chips.

The point Mr. Moore was making is that technology is self-propagating. It expands on its own. Improvements lead to more improvements and today, we have low-cost home computers, under $500, with more computing power than the computers used by NASA to reach the moon!

And, according to Moores Law, the computers being sold two years from now will have twice the computing capacity of the computer you purchase today.

Applying Moores Law

If we analyze the growth of the home computer market, we see that improved PC performance has led to systems that cost less, do more, do it faster and fit into a smaller box.

Todays entry-level systems routinely deliver 80 gigabytes of hard disk storage, 1 gig of RAM (random access memory) and faster CPUs central processing units, the brains of the computer. But the advances in computer technology, predicted by Gordon Moore over 40 years ago, have also been integrated into almost every machine we use.

Your car uses digital technology to self-diagnose engine problems. Your iron has a computer chip that automatically turns the device off when left untouched for more than five minutes. Everything from your cable TV to your LED-equipped refrigerator employs computer technology, and these technological advancements are keeping pace with Moores Law by doubling productivity and functionality at a breath-taking rate.

Digital Ear Gear

Does more. Does it faster. Comes in a smaller package. Welcome to the latest in hearing aid technology. Todays hearing devices employ state-of-the-art digital technology to automate routine functions like volume adjustment or microphone directionality. All handled automatically to the individual users preferences.

Further, todays premium-quality hearing aids do everything but let the cat out at night. Using digital engineering, todays devices electronically reduce feedback, detect
electro-magnetic fields (from a telephone, for example) and adjust themselves accordingly, learn from the individuals hearing routine and even tell you when its time to visit the audiologist! Really.

Heres the perfect example of how technology delivers more in less space: the latest from well-known hearing aid manufacturer, Beltone. The Marq - a mighty mite, small, discreet and deep in features.

Beltones Marq'

Weighing in at just 1.4 grams (that includes the battery and receiver), the Marq is ergonomically designed to fit discreetly behind the ear. John Cariola, Beltones Director of Product Management, recently stated, The Beltone Marq offers our patients exactly what theyve been looking for. A visually and acoustically transparent hearing instrument that is both comfortable and durable.

Visually and acoustically transparent? Exactly. Because of its extremely small size and shape, the Marq is invisible visually transparent, as in the world doesnt see it. Its that small. And that lightweight.

Acoustically transparent is a little more difficult to understand. Nature gave you two hearing mechanisms your ears. And these natural hearing devices are complex, made up of lots of parts all working together to produce natural sound acoustically transparent sound. The Beltone Marq succeeds in delivering a less processed, more natural hearing experience. An experience that feels natural from day one.

No pops, clicks, whistles, no stuffiness, no unnatural sounds. Just hearing the way nature intended. Thats acoustic transparency.

Beltones Marq represents the entire hearing aid industrys commitment to improved wearing comfort and more natural sound improved hearing comfort.

The Future

If Gordon Moore is correct (and so far he has been) consumers can expect to see more products like the Marq smaller, lighter and more convenient. Discreet hearing solutions that deliver high quality, more organic sound, automated functions, built-in convenience and durability for todays more active hearing aid user.

Digital technology makes it possible for engineers to design hearing aids that are, in fact, computers for the ears. Beltones Marq demonstrates what the future holds for all those who experience hearing loss.

Indeed, the future of hearing technology sounds good. Natural, too.

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