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Phonak Introduces Verve The Right Combination of Style and Technology

Phonak Introduces Verve The Right Combination of Style and Technology With the introduction of its Verve hearing device, Phonak, the Swiss-based designer and manufacturer of high-quality hearing devices, has joined others in the hearing aid industry, producing a device... 2007 1086 Phonak Introduces Verve The Right Combination of Style and Technology

With the introduction of its Verve hearing device, Phonak, the Swiss-based designer and manufacturer of high-quality hearing devices, has joined others in the hearing aid industry, producing a device that delivers automated convenience in an attractive, stylish package.

Targeted at the upscale buyer, whether age 16 or 96, Phonaks Verve hits the sweet spot of that market segment that doesnt put price first when making a purchase. Blending the latest in digital technology with artful design, Phonak, like other industry members, recognizes that todays buyers want something more than plain vanilla when it comes to their hearing devices. Todays consumer is looking for a little flash behind the ear something to show off, not hide and manufacturers of hearing devices now recognize that form is just as important as function when it comes to sales. In short, the device has to look good.

Some people consider luxury as nothing more than unnecessary amenities or over-priced products made for the rich and famous. Not true. Luxury is all about quality, convenience and elegant styling, and in these areas, the hearing aid industry, Phonak included, are delivering what buyers want.

A Luxurious Hearing Aid?
The Phonak Verve was designed from the ground up to appeal to upscale buyers who are willing to spend a bit more for the quality and convenience built into luxury items even a hearing aid. To this market segment, luxury is all about reliability, convenience, a bit of status and style lots of style.

The Phonak Verve is durable and reliable. Like most quality hearing devices today, its intended for heavy duty use under an endless variety of acoustic conditions. Verve wearers also have access to a worldwide network of technicians and hearing health professionals, delivering the quality of service consumers have come to expect in this digitally connected world.

The second facet of luxury is convenience, especially automated convenience. During a recent, exclusive interview with, David Fabry, PhD, Phonaks Vice-President of Professional Relations and Education, explained some of Verves technological features.

Verve interacts with the user, providing spoken prompts to better equip the individual to take full advantage of Verves technology, Dr. Fabry explained. The technology is called SmartVoice.

Dr. Fabry continued, Unlike the hearing devices of just a decade ago that delivered blips and other sounds to indicate device status, Verve discreetly notifies the wearer, in human speech, what mode the device is in from calm to speech and noise. Verve also delivers reminders to wearers that batteries are low, and even reminds them when its time to visit the audiologist. Nice.

With Verves AutoPilot, the hearing device adapts to the wearers usual environments, learning more about the wearer each day.

Once an environment is identified by Verve, settings are determined automatically for both the environment and the wearers individual hearing needs. These settings are automatically activated when the wearer enters a recognized environment, the Verve spokesperson explained. Verves AutoPilot eliminates the need to constantly adjust the hearing device. Thats one element of luxury wearers will appreciate.

Another technology available in todays higher-quality hearing aids, including the Phonak Verve, is the ability to reduce annoying background noise. In the Verve, the feature is called SurroundZoom, designed to decrease annoying ambient noise.

Phonaks SoundCleaning is another luxurious technology of Verve and similar high-end devices. David Fabry explained how Verves SoundCleaning works. The device identifies sound anomalies and removes any disturbing noises [such as whistling, feedback and other distracting noise] while simultaneously balancing clarity and hearing comfort. The millions of adjustments to listening conditions made within the Verve each day deliver high quality, natural sound.

Verves Adaptive Directional Microphone is another technological feature introduced by Phonaks spokesperson during the interview. This microphone is able to identify spatial and spectral conditions within a room, or any other listening environment, and optimize Verves settings for the best hearing experience for the wearer, Dr. Fabry explained.

With Phonaks SoundCleaning, SmartTalk, AutoPilot, Adaptive Directional Microphone, and other technological features, consumers for whom price is not the primary consideration enjoy levels of luxury that should be expected from any quality hearing device, regardless of manufacturer. Ahh, but what about style? Can Phonak and other companies in the industry still deliver an extensive menu of conveniences in a stylish package?

Indeed. And in the case of Phonaks Verve, styling is simply a part of the package.

Branded Hearing Aids? Theyre Already Here!
Most hearing device manufacturers provide a broad spectrum of color options, from elegant to way cool, dude! Hearing aids are no longer devices to disguise and hide. These behind the ear fashion accessories make a statement about the wearer.

Our Verve spokesperson, David Fabry explains. Phonak has collaborated with Steinway and Sons, world renowned makers of quality pianos, to develop the Steinway Verve for consumers looking for a little style, status and elegance all of which are associated with the Steinway name.

Steinways quality standards are well known, which is why the company agreed to work with Phonak to develop the Steinway Verve, Dr. Fabry said with some pride. The Steinway logo appears discreetly on this Verve model, revealing a cachet that wearers dont want to hide. They want to be seen wearing a Steinway Verve. It says luxury without saying a word.

Technology with Style
At Phonak, and other hearing aid manufacturers, style has become a critical consideration in new product development. Dr. Fabry stated, We dont want our customers hiding their hearing aids. Thats why weve created the Verve and other products, such as the Savia Art, with more attention paid to the art within the design of the device. Theres no reason that technology and style cant be melded into a single product. The Phonak spokesperson is right. Todays hearing aid wearers want products that theyre proud to display and even show off a little. Why not?

Think of these stylish aids as fashion accessories with the power of a computer because thats what upscale hearing devices are fashion statements with computing power.

The Phonak Verve
Phonak is keeping up with the competition within the burgeoning hearing aid market. And with the creation of the Steinway Verve, the company has developed a branded product with a touch of status for its upscale clientele.

Indeed, those manufacturers that remain static, always placing function before form, wont be able to compete with todays leading edge makers of hearing aids. Phonak, and other companies within the industry, clearly get it. Many consumers want that touch of style, glamour and status, and wearing a Steinway Verve delivers all three.

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