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The story of Santa and his hearing loss

The story of Santa and his hearing loss This is the story of how Santa's hearing loss almost stole Christmas. 2016 781 The story of Santa and his hearing loss


This is the story of Santa and his hearing loss…

It was the beginning of the holiday season — time for Santa to begin seeing all the good little boys and little girls to find out what they wanted for Christmas.

“Armph you rebby?” mumbled Buddy the Elf to Santa.

santa and hearing loss
Does Santa have hearing

“Sure am!” Santa bellowed. And off they went to their first stop: Rockefeller Square.

Down Santa flew, landing on the snow covered street with his reindeer, Rudolph leading the way. He stepped out of his sleigh. The noise of the cars and the kids squealing for him was irritating — taking an edge of his usual jolly spirit.

He walked up to his grand chair, waving and smiling. He sat down and waved to the first little boy.

“And what’s your name little boy?” Santa said.

“Ttphy,” squeaked the little boy.

“Come again,” Santa said, feeling warm under his collar.

“Timthy,” squeaked the boy again.

“Ahhh Timothy and what do you want for Christmas this year?” Santa sighed.

“ThisyearIwannafivespeedbikeracer,” Timothy spat out all at once.

“Come again,” Santa said nervously.

“A bike!” Timothy yelled before bursting into tears and running off.

A long night ahead

Santa sat clueless. He had never before had such trouble understanding the good little children. He looked out at the long line of good little boys and good little girls who had all traveled very far to come tell them him their wishes. He was afraid if he couldn’t hear their wishes that Christmas would be ruined.

He looked down at Buddy and gulped. What was he going to do?

“Buddy,” Santa said. “I need you to write down what every boy and girl says they want for Christmas. Just to make sure we’ve got it down twice.”

This, Santa thought, is going to be a long night.

Santa was right. After five hours of seeing good little boys and good little girls and not being able to understand their Christmas wishes, Santa slugged himself into the sleigh, put it on autopilot and flew back to the North Pole.

Help for Santa

The next day Santa went to see a hearing healthcare professional who ran all kinds of fancy tests on Santa’s ears to see if he was having trouble hearing.

“Well Santa,” Doc said. “I think you have hearing loss.”

“I think you’re right, Doc!” Santa said.

“How long have you noticed this?” Doc asked.

“I’m not sure, a couple of months perhaps. I didn’t want to say anything Doc,” Santa said.

“Why not?” Doc asked.

“Well you know how the reindeer were with poor Rudolph,” Santa said, “How they used to laugh and call him names.”

“The important thing is that we get you the right treatment so that you feel confident again — then these thoughts about reindeer teasing you will be a thing of the past,” Doc said.

“What’s the right treatment?” Santa asked.

“Probably hearing aids,” Doc said.

And so Doc and Santa worked together to find the right hearing aids for Santa. They made sure his hearing aids fit properly and Doc gave Santa all of the accessories he needed for his cold weather climate. Santa was surprised to see how tiny his new hearing aids were and how they made everything sound better.

Hear all the joy of the season

The next day Santa was slated to hear the wishes of the good little boys and good little girls waiting for him at Jack London Square in San Francisco. Geared with his new hearing aids, Santa strode up to his magnificent velvet chair and waved to the first little girl in line.

“And what is your name my child?” Santa asked.

“Merri,” the little blonde girl said.

“And Merri, what do you want for Christmas?” Santa replied, smiling.

“A rocking horse!”

“Ho ho ho! A rocking horse it is.”

"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!"

Don't let hearing loss steal your joy during the holidays! If you suspect you or someone close to you has hearing loss, follow Santa's example and see a hearing care professional right away. You can find caring help near you by using our extensive directory of consumer-reviewed clinics. 

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