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Healthy Hearing introduces 'Day in the City' series

Healthy Hearing introduces 'Day in the City' series Hearing loss is in an issue impacting not just the people suffering from it, but their friends, f... 2015 483 Healthy Hearing introduces 'Day in the City' series

Hearing loss is in an issue impacting not just the people suffering from it, but their friends, family and coworkers, too. It's also an issue many people aren't comfortable talking about, let alone seeking treatment for. In fact, out of all the individuals who could benefit from wearing a hearing device, only 20 percent will actually use one. 

That's why we want to open up the communication lines. We want to create an environment where it's easy not only to talk about hearing loss, but seek the help and find a hearing healthcare professional for you! And because we want you to be part of the conversation, we're excited to introduce our new "Day in the City" series! 

day in the city series
Are you looking for something to 
do in your city? We've got your
plans right here!

The professionals behind Healthy Hearing have gathered data, compared statistics and generated a list of the top spots across the United States affected by hearing loss. From New York City to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, our "Day in the City" series will focus on some of the hidden gems in your hearing loss community! 

Are you looking for a museum, theater or top restaurant in your city which goes out of the way to provide stellar accommodations for hard-of-hearing individuals? Look no further! We're going to tackle these items and many more every Wednesday! We've got the lowdown on the most popular private tours for local museums and exhibits, plus tips on the quietest locations you can get your grub on. Between research done by our expert staff and recommendations from hearing healthcare professionals, we'll make sure you have plenty to do when you're ready to take the plunge and seek treatment for your hearing loss

Additionally, we'll compile a list of some of the major organizations in the city ready and able to help you or your loved one start their journey to better hearing! Whether you're looking for a new support network or simply somewhere to volunteer, we'll help you find all the information you need to take advantage of all the opportunities your city has to offer! 

Are you privy to the popular spots in your city? Don't forget to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and recommend some of your favorite locations throughout your city. We'll be providing our readers a tour across the United States, so we're more than ready to learn about your city and see why you think they should be included in our "Day in the City" series! 

Be part of the conversation with us starting next Wednesday, when we kick off our new weekly series and explore a "Day in New York City." Do you know what the Smithsonian or Museum of Modern Art has in store? We do, and you can too, next week! 

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