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Advanced Audiology | Hearing Center Interview

Advanced Audiology | Hearing Center Interview A focus on helping patients solve communication problems leads to better hearing in Valencia. 2015 549 Advanced Audiology | Hearing Center Interview

Nola Aronson, M.A., CCC-A started her professional career as a special education teacher, but her desire to do more for the children she taught prompted her to go back to school for speech/language pathology.

“Then I took an audiology class and fell in love with it,” she said. “That was it for me.”

Nola, as her patients call her, has been a practicing audiologist for the past 32 years. She worked for a hospital for two years before moving to Santa Clarita Valley, where she had three audiology practices and founded Advanced Audiology in 2010.

Nola Aronson
Nola Aronson

“I programmed hearing aids before we had computers – when we really had to understand what a hearing aid does,” she said. “That sets me apart, because I really understand how they work. You can go to other places that cost a lot less money, but you may not get things set right so you can actually use them. You have to be able to use them, not let them sit in a drawer.”

Nola said her philosophy on patient care is to treat people like family so she can solve their communication problems. As a result, Advanced Audiology offers many free services, such as batteries for the life of the hearing aids as well as free quarterly cleanings and adjustments.

“Communication is the universal solvent,” she explained. “If you’re not communicating, you’re angry or isolated and don’t do the things you like to do. My goal is to help people lead a better social life and not give up anything.”

Nola said she enjoys hearing how she’s changed people’s lives. One of her favorite hearing device success stories involved a man who told her the ringing in his ears was ruining his life. “He was so stressed out all the time, he began having heart problems,” she said. “I put hearing aids with new technology (for tinnitus) on him. When he came back, he told me the ringing had subsided, he hadn’t had an anxiety attack in more than a month – and he was hearing better, too! Those are the kinds of stories that keep me going.”

Advanced Audiology, which includes Ginny Veloz, Au.D., CCC-A, won the Community Champion award at the 2014 Santa Clarita Valley Leadership Awards for their involvement in the community. Nola donates her time at the SCV Senior Center and assisted living homes to provide free screenings and educate people about their hearing health.

She said today’s technology provides more clarity than ever before, which helps them hear better in noisy environments. Many of her patients donate their old hearing aids, which helps Nola provide for people who can’t afford hearing aids.

“I’m a humanitarian,” she said. “I don’t care if you buy a hearing aid or not, as long as I’m solving whatever problem you came in for me to solve. If you can’t write a testimonial about how I’ve helped you, I take the hearing aid back or continue working with you until you can.”

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