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Truesdale Audiology Associates | Hearing Center Interview

Truesdale Audiology Associates | Hearing Center Interview An established practice in Fall River and commitment to building relationships enhances patient satisfaction. 2015 545 Truesdale Audiology Associates | Hearing Center Interview

It isn’t a bar and it isn’t located in Boston, but patients of Truesdale Audiology Associates do share something with the patrons of the famous Cheers pub – it’s the hearing center where everybody knows your name.

“I practice alone – kind of like a mom and pop practice, except there’s only mom,” Arlene Abramson, Au.D., said. “When you come in, you see me. I saw their parents, I see their kids. I know a lot of the same people they know. I know them so well, I even know their hair appointment and babysitting schedules.”

Dr. Abramson, who has been an audiologist with Truesdale Audiology Associates in Fall River for 40 years, managed the practice for many years before she bought it from the previous owner. As a result, she’s known her patients and their families for a very long time.

“I feel hearing healthcare should have long-term relationships,” she explained. “In general, I love when people tell me that by getting help from me, they were able to stay active and keep their profession. Some of my patients are nurses, doctors, musicians and teachers who thought they would be forced into retirement but have been able to keep working longer.”

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One of her favorite hearing device success stories involves a young man with moderate hearing loss she treated from the time he was a young boy until he grew up and moved away. “Just last week his mother came in to see me and asked “Would you like to know what he went on to do? He became a violinist and a pharmacist.” He had moderate to severe hearing loss, but that didn’t scare him away from eight years of school and a lot of hard work.”

Dr. Abramson said the most challenging part of being a hearing healthcare professional is also one she enjoys the most – figuring out each person’s individual hearing loss puzzle.

“Two people can come in and have the same degree of hearing loss, yet by getting to know them, you discover their needs are totally different,” she explained. “One might play golf and ride a motorcycle, while the other might babysit grandchildren. I feel like every time someone walks in the door, I’m solving a puzzle.”

Dr. Abramson believes digital technology is the most significant change in hearing technology since she became an audiologist, more specifically, the development of feedback management for those with profound hearing loss and open fit hearing aids for those with mild hearing loss. Yet while technology enables her to help patients better than she could years ago, she doesn’t believe it replaces the passion and commitment hearing health professionals must possess in order to provide quality service.

“Anything you do, if you do it well, you must be passionate about it,” she said. “I never want to short change anyone. I work with the highest integrity so I won’t have any regrets at the end of the day and can go to sleep every night feeling I did my best.”

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