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Be part of the new Healthy Hearing conversation

Be part of the new Healthy Hearing conversation Check out the re-launch of our website, with even more user-friendly features and information than ever before. 2015 1001 Be part of the new Healthy Hearing conversation

At Healthy Hearing, we are always looking for new and improved ways to reach people with hearing loss. As the leading consumer site for hearing loss and hearing aid information, our mission is to make sure you get the information you need, no matter where you are in your hearing loss journey. To that end, we are proud to announce the re-launch of our website, the first major overhaul since 2011. Our goal is to make it easier for you to find exactly what you want, when you want it and most importantly to spotlight our important new initiative: encouraging you to “Be part of the conversation” about hearing loss.

You’ll still find the same helpful information, and some of the same features, paired with a fresh, new look. We still have our “Find a clinic” section with more than 4700 hearing healthcare clinics across the U.S. listed, and we have more than 10,000 consumer reviews of hearing healthcare clinics, the most anywhere. But those features will be more user-friendly. “We wanted to make those features we already have, like our Hearing Help section and our daily report, are easier to navigate to really quickly, so the homepage will have some updates to really highlight those features,” said Dr. Mandy Mroz, director of Healthy Hearing.

healthy hearing stacked logoBut it’s more than just a facelift; we have completely revamped our consumer guides on hearing loss, hearing aids, tinnitus, assistive listening devices, children's hearing loss and have included a host of helpful graphics, charts and links. You’ll find these are the best they have ever been and are more readily available for download, while being optimized for viewing on a tablet or printing off and taking with you.

So what else is new? We’re debuting some new videos that will answer  frequently asked questions we get about hearing loss and hearing aids, along with a video about what to expect when visiting a hearing healthcare professional. We'll take a break from our hearing center interviews and introduce a new series called "Be part of the conversation in …." where we will highlight hearing loss resources in the biggest cities around the U.S. and what they have to offer.

The technology of the site will be moving forward as well, because in an increasingly virtual age, keeping up to date is vital. We wanted to be sure we were staying current with the look and feel of the site, as well as the function. In that spirit, our new website will feature responsive design; that means that if you’re looking at our site on your tablet or your smart phone, the site will automatically update itself to be perfectly formatted for you.

More than ever before, the new site will define who we are, let people know why they should care about hearing loss, and build our community. Our guest bloggers will share their personal stories of hearing loss, and we will continue to use social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Whatever the medium, our new initiative, “Be part of the conversation," is specifically designed to get people talking. Because whether it’s talking with a loved one about their hearing loss, starting a dialog with a hearing care professional or being able to participate in conversations once again after receiving hearing aids, letting you be part of the conversation is important to us.

As the leading consumer site for hearing loss and hearing aid information, we feel a tremendous responsibility to help you be part of the conversation about hearing loss. Our site will continue to be a place where you can get started if you don’t know anything about hearing loss, or a place you can learn more if you’ve already got some expertise. Ultimately, we want to help you make the best choices for yourself and your loved ones when it comes to hearing care.

“The new site will offer greater clarity when it comes to finding information, specifically where to find the educational materials and our directory of hearing care professionals,” said Dr. Paul Dybala, president of Healthy Hearing. “People are at different points in that conversation about hearing loss and hearing aids. We want to meet their needs wherever they are when they find our website.”

What it comes down to is that we know how important it is to take care of your hearing health. Though many people don’t think of hearing as being important, hearing loss affects quality of life, leads to isolation and a lack of engagement. Shockingly, the average amount of time it takes for someone to address their hearing loss is seven years! We want to shrink that number. Our new website will make it easier for you to take care of your hearing health and become a part of the conversation when it comes to hearing loss.

But we won’t stop there. Our site will continue to evolve to reflect the changing technology and needs of our users. As Dr. Mroz put it, “We are always working to figure out what is the best way is to reach people with hearing loss, and we are not going to stop just because we have updated our look and feel. We will continue to do user testing to make sure our site is easy to navigate, and we will continue to use our social media platforms to get conversations going and listen to what people need to know in order to get hearing care for themselves and their loved ones.“

We hope you enjoy the changes, and find them helpful. Most of all, we hope we have made it as easy as possible to join the conversation about hearing loss, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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