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Santa Cruz Ear Nose and Throat Hearing Aid Center | Hearing Center Interview

Santa Cruz Ear Nose and Throat Hearing Aid Center | Hearing Center Interview Three ENTs, three audiologists and three front office technicians provide full service hearing care in Santa Cruz. 2015 560 Santa Cruz Ear Nose and Throat Hearing Aid Center | Hearing Center Interview

If Santa Cruz Ear Nose and Throat Hearing Aid Center patients are grateful for the excellent hearing healthcare they receive from Terence P. Russell, MA, they can thank his family.

“I had an early exposure to individuals with special needs because I grew up with a sister who had Down’s Syndrome,” he explained. “The combination of wanting to be helpful to those in need and my interest in sound and language contributed to me getting involved in the field.”

Terence Russel
Terence Russell

Fifteen years ago, Russell partnered with three ear, nose and throat doctors to create Santa Cruz Ear Nose and Throat Hearing Aid Center in order to provide a full-service practice. Their professional staff includes Marc A Seftel, MD, Daniel A Spilman, MD, Thomas V Barker, MD., audiologists Russell, Ruth H Kaspar, Au.D. and Sarah F. Dryanski, Au.D., hearing aid specialist Elaine Loring, HIS, and three front office technicians.

“One of the unique aspects of our practice is the level of service we offer our patients,” Russell said. “Nowhere in our area can you get the type of service that we provide.”

In addition to the high level of patient care, the hearing center provides patients with life-time programming and six-month evaluations for their hearing devices at no charge as well as free batteries for three years. Patients are immediately fit with hearing aids the first time they come in and allowed to trial the devices at no charge for a week.

“You can talk to people about hearing and hearing loss for hours but there’s no comparison to putting devices on someone and letting them experience the benefit first-hand,” Russell said.

The practice participates in community health fairs and provides educational seminars for their patients. They also visit local senior facilities to clean and repair hearing devices and answer questions for those who aren’t able to visit the office.

Russell believes open fit hearing devices are the most significant change in hearing technology since he joined the field 40 years ago because they provide his patients with a natural, transparent hearing aid experience. And while the technology can help many of his patients hear better, it isn’t for everyone.

“Everyone wants to hear normally again,” he said, “but there are a number of individuals who will never be able to use hearing as their primary modality again because of the nerve damage they have. Explaining what is possible and not possible based on the remaining hearing they have left in a way they can understand and accept is the biggest challenge I have.”

Russell, who views himself as a guide to help people navigate the process to return to better hearing, said his favorite part of being a hearing healthcare professional is the ability to immediately improve the quality of someone’s life – especially when he sees the expression on a child’s face who is hearing for the first time.

“Just to see the joy and the rewards they immediately gain from improving their hearing is wonderful to watch,” he said. “I believe that hearing is essential to quality of life. Proper hearing care is a way to reconnect people to friends and family and fully participate in life.”

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