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Advanced Hearing and Balance Center | Hearing Center Interview

Advanced Hearing and Balance Center | Hearing Center Interview Audiologists enjoy making a positive difference in their patient’s lives in south Georgia 2015 564 Advanced Hearing and Balance Center | Hearing Center Interview

As a child, Dr. Eric Linert, Au.D. remembers pulling things apart and putting them back together again. As he grew older, he also developed an interest in medicine and decided he wanted to work in a profession which allowed him to help people. Audiology was the perfect solution.

“I liked the idea of doing something medically-related that had some technical aspect to it,” he said. “With audiology, I could help make people’s lives better.”

After working for a large ENT group for a year and a half, Dr. Linert moved to southern Georgia and went to work for Advanced Hearing and Balance Center. He’s been the primary audiologist at the practice for the last 15 years and sees patients along with fellow audiologist, Kimberly Joiner, Au.D.

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Dr. Linert said a patient-centered approach sets Advanced Hearing and Balance Center apart from the other hearing centers in the Brunswick area.

“It’s all about the patient’s needs,” he said “Benjamin Franklin said “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I’ll understand.” That quote tells me my job is to make sure I’m connecting with the patient on their level.”

Both audiologists treat children and adults at the hearing center. “We serve an area that requires us to treat patients from diverse socio-economic backgrounds so we must be able to educate the patient with the appropriate information,” Dr. Linert said.

That diversity is one of his favorite aspects of being a hearing health professional. “Sometimes it comes down to changing lives. I’ve literally watched kids I’ve fit with hearing aids grow up in front of me. Just to see that I had a positive impact on their life is a good thing. It’s a matter of doing positive things in this world and making it a better place for everybody.”

One of Dr. Linert’s favorite hearing device success stories involves a two-year-old whose mother suspected something was wrong when she noticed her daughter wasn’t talking. “Lo and behold I discovered the child had severe bi-lateral hearing loss,” he said. “We fit her with hearing aids and within a matter of months, you couldn’t shut this child up. To know that you’re doing something that makes a difference brightens your day.”

While wireless technology is the most significant change in hearing technology he’s seen, Dr. Linert believes there’s no substitution for good hearing healthcare.

“I consider myself a doctor of audiology, which is medically-oriented,” he said. “Unfortunately a lot of unqualified people are hammering away at patients all the time. People should understand that hearing care really is healthcare.”

Dr. Linert writes hearing health articles for the local paper, focusing on topics that promote hearing protection. “During deer season, I talk about protecting your hearing when you’re shooting a firearm,” he said. “I try to write about what people should be thinking about – even if that means they don’t come to see me. If that gives them better tools to communicate effectively, then good, I’ve done my job.”

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