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Healthy Hearing stocking stuffers

Healthy Hearing stocking stuffers Fill your loved ones' stockings with hearing-friendly gifts this year. 2014 692 Healthy Hearing stocking stuffers

The Christmas stocking: that final item on the holiday agenda. It’s often stuffed with last-minute goodies grabbed haphazardly in the checkout line, or from the dollar bins at the back of the store. But the stocking can present the perfect opportunity to give a loved one a hearing-friendly gift, whether they have hearing loss or if you’re simply trying to protect their hearing as is. Either way, a hearing-friendly gift is not only useful, but smart and since they're small, hearing-friendly gifts make for the perfect stocking filler! 

Consider the following ideas when shopping for your stocking stuffing this season. 

stocking stuffers
Need stocking stuffer ideas?
Hearing aid supplies and 
hearing protection gifts are
small enough to make for
the best stocking stuffers!
  1. Hearing aid batteries: You can never have enough of these. There’s never a good time to run out of batteries, so people with hearing aids always appreciate an extra pack.
  2. Hearing aid drying kit: A handy addition to any hearing aid user’s nightstand, a drying kit is great for ridding a hearing aid of moisture overnight and helping to extend the product life.
  3. Hearing aid sports necklace: For athletic hearing aid wearers, a sports necklace is a useful accessory that helps keeps the hearing aid in place, whether they’re sprinting down a soccer field or biking up a hill.
  4. Hearing aid splash guard: Do you know any amphibious hearing aid wearers? Then pick them up a splash guard if they don’t already have one. While not waterproof, it protects against residual droplets, which is helpful if they spend a lot of time around water.
  5. Hearing aid pizzazz: Especially popular with kids and teens, hearing aid charms are a great way to change the look of a hearing aid. They’re a great addition to a hearing aid wearer’s wardrobe and help make hearing aids more personalized and fun.
  6. Hearing aid sock: If you know any backpackers or daytrippers who wear hearing aids, consider buying them a hearing aid sock, which protects against dirt and grime when you’re braving the elements.
  7. Bluetooth accessories: Technology has made hearing aids much more adaptable to the surrounding environment. Bluetooth powers a range of devices for hearing aids, for TV and remote control adapters to cell phone and microphone add-ons.
  8. EARasers musician earplugs: Do you know a musician on the verge (of hearing loss)? Buy them a pack of these earplugs designed specifically for them. Reviews say they let the music in while keeping the tinnitus out.
  9. KidzSafe earbuds: Earbuds and personal music devices have been a constant source of worry to parents for years. With these earbuds, kids can’t turn the volume past 85 decibels, so you can breathe easy knowing their ears are protected.
  10. Vibrating alarm clock: A vibrating alarm clock is useful to someone who doesn’t sleep with hearing aids, or just your chronic oversleeper.
  11. Earmuff or headwarmer: The cold can cause damage to hearing aids, not to mention put you at risk for catching a cold! Give the gift of warmth to protect both ears and hearing aids.
  12. Hearing aids! Do you know someone who needs hearing aids? The holidays are a perfect time to encourage them to have their hearing checked, when they’re home and surrounded by friends and family. (Though you shouldn’t buy them an actual pair of hearing aids for their stocking; leave that up to the hearing health practitioner!)

Your hearing is a precious commodity, and taking a few small steps to preserve it is well worth the extra dollar. Why not incorporate a few hearing-friendly products into the gifts under the tree this year? Children and musicians are especially susceptible to damaging their hearing, so keep their ears in mind if you have any of them on your Christmas list this year. And if you know someone who wears hearing aids already, see if they’re having any issues with them and if any of the aforementioned accessories could help fix the little troubles they’re having.

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