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Bronxville Hearing Center | Hearing Center Interview

Bronxville Hearing Center | Hearing Center Interview New York hearing center staff believes every patient deserves to receive “rock star” quality service 2014 555 Bronxville Hearing Center | Hearing Center Interview

When you walk through the door of the Bronxville Hearing Center, prepare to be treated like a rock star – even if you don’t play a lick of music or sing like Steven Tyler. It’s just part of Bronxville’s patient care philosophy.

“I like to think of each patient as a celebrity,” owner Noël Thayer, MA, CCC-A, F-AAA said. “I think about the few times that I actually had a celebrity come into the office. Their presence made me a little anxious to do a good job. I realized each person deserves that type of service so we prepare for each patient as if they are a rock star coming in the door.”

Thayer was inspired to become an audiologist by her deaf cousin and next door neighbor, who was a speech pathologist.

bronxville hearing center

“Growing up with my cousin, I was always intrigued by her hearing loss and hearing aids,” she said. “I never had any reason to feel pity or sadness for her because she was amazingly bright and wonderful. Now she’s a grown woman with a Ph.D. whose hearing loss never held her back in any way.”

Thayer purchased Bronxville Hearing Center, an existing practice in 2005, and began infusing her own family-centered philosophy into daily operations. The hearing center offers extended hours and conducts in-home consultations when necessary. They even accompany patients to their places of business to help them set up communication devices.

“I don’t have the restrictions of a big company or corporate setting so I don’t have any red tape when I want to do things out of the ordinary,” she said. “I can make those decisions on my own.”

Thayer’s favorite hearing device success story features her own father, who has asymmetrical hearing loss and was told for years a hearing aid wouldn’t help his poor ear. “When I became an audiologist, I put a pair of hearing aids on him,” she said. “I’ll never forget the look on his face. I feel very luck I was able to help my father in that way.”

Bronxville Hearing Center is one of the sponsors for the Chamber of Commerce’s summer concert series, where you can find Thayer distributing free ear plugs to promote hearing conservation. “I’m pretty passionate about protecting hearing,” she said. “When I hand out the ear plugs, I say 'I’m not saying anything bad about the band, I just want you to protect your hearing if you’re sitting close to the music.'”

Thayer said her favorite part of being a hearing healthcare professional is finding solutions for people’s hearing problems.

“In general, I live my life thinking 'how would I want to be treated?'” she said. “That’s why for me, being an audiologist is more than just reading an audiogram – it’s getting to know my patients as individuals. Sometimes it’s simple; sometimes it takes a lot of effort to come to the right answer, but people are so appreciative when you find a solution.”

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