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Audiology Experts | Hearing Center Interview Hearing center strives to be the practice of choice for physicians and hearing healthcare resource for residents in Arlington and surrounding communities. 2014 626 Audiology Experts | Hearing Center Interview

Lisa Fell, Au.D. and Kristin Robbins, Au.D. met at Texas Tech while they were studying audiology. Although they each arrived at their decision to major in audiology differently, they’re on the same page when it comes to what they love best about their jobs as hearing healthcare professionals.

Dr. Fell

“I love the follow up,” Dr. Robbins said, “especially when patients have gotten to go out into the community in their environment, with their friends and family, then share with me all the amazing experiences they didn’t know they were missing out on. There’s nothing else in the world I can do as a professional that can match that.”

Dr. Fell agreed. “It gives me a lot of joy to be committed to my patient’s better hearing even after they’ve had their hearing aids for awhile,” she said. “Faithful users make me feel successful. I get to see those people and know that I helped introduce them to better hearing.”

The two audiologists worked for an ENT practice for eight years before going into business together six years ago.

“Owning Audiology Experts gives us the freedom to do what we know is right for each patient,” Dr. Robbins said. “We can tailor each hearing loss solution with much more flexibility because we answer to each other and not to another entity.”

Dr. Robbins

One of Dr. Robbins favorite hearing device success stories involves a musician in his late 40s who had waited for years to get hearing aids because he didn’t think they would help him. “His experiences have ranged from 'I can’t believe music sounds so much better than I remember' and 'I stand at the grocery store and talk to the cashier now because I can,” she said. “He cried when he told me he was able to hear his 8-year-old daughter whisper 'I love you' to him at bedtime.”

Dr. Fell remembers an 80-year-old gentleman who had given up on hearing better. “His daughter kept pushing him to get another opinion,” she said. “I fit him with a BiCROS hearing device and he was overjoyed after one week. He waved his cane at me and said 'I’m back in the game!' That was wonderful to hear because he had given up on having any kind of quality communication for the rest of his life.”

Audiology Experts strives to be the practice of choice for physicians and a resource for people in Arlington and the surrounding communities. The audiologists said their philosophy on patient care is to “treat patients with a very high standard” and give them the “very best experience they’ve ever had.”

“I love how we’ve been around long enough now that sometimes my patients relate to their hearing aids according to how old my kids are,” Dr. Fell said. “They say things like, 'When I got my second set of hearing aids from you, you were pregnant with your son.' We continue to see people through multiple sets of hearing aids and different phases of our lives.”

“Our patients are just as invested in our lives as we are in theirs,” Dr. Robbins added in agreement. “I have one patient who won’t let me start her appointment until she’s heard all about my kids and how they’re doing in school. No matter how bad your day is sometimes, you get those patients and know all is right with the world.”

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