Second annual Healthy Hearing blogger list

Second annual Healthy Hearing blogger list Healthy Hearing thanks all of the bloggers we featured this past month! 2014 681 Second annual Healthy Hearing blogger list

During the month of September, Healthy Hearing featured different bloggers in the hearing loss community. The following post contains a compiled list of each blog we highlighted.

Throughout the past month, Healthy Hearing has featured bloggers making an impact in the hearing loss community by sharing their own personal joys and struggles with others so that they might have someone to whom they can relate. Hearing loss, in all forms, is a scary thing to face on your own, and thanks to these writers, mothers, and organizations, those just embarking down the path of hearing loss don’t have to take those first steps alone. Advice and guidance, along with personality and humor, are just a couple clicks away. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our articles this month:

Lisa Steinfeld: A freelance writer and mother with hearing loss, Steinfeld writes on a variety of topics beyond motherhood, including product reviews and news articles.

MomWHearingLoss: Johanne Fraser is a mother with hearing loss and two boys who incorporates everyday mom items like recipes into her blog.

Our blogger month featured 20 different blogs
in the hearing loss community! 

Lipreading Mom: Shanna Groves offers lessons in lipreading along with her stories of parenting with hearing aids. Groves is also an accomplished author, with several books available for purchase.

Cochlear Kids: Val Blakely’s two young children both have cochlear implants, and her blog is a chronicle of their struggles as well as a celebration of their successes.

Good But Hard: The name of Susannah Prinz’s blog sums up her journey with her little girl and her cochlear implant, but the blog is also a place to showcase her personal artwork.

Triplet Princes and a Princess: Jennifer Wallace would have her hands full even if her four children didn’t have hearing and health problems. But three of the four do, and her blog serves as a guide to others whose children are living with similar conditions.

No Small Thing: Kristen Johnson’s blog is about raising her four children, one of which just so happens to have hearing loss.

Hands & Voices: Karen Putz, water skier and hearing loss advocate extraordinaire, runs the blog for this hearing loss organization, sharing stories from around the country.

CD’s Ear Blog: Meghan Watt brings a younger perspective to the blogger community, chronicling her journey with a cochlear implant.

Action on Hearing Loss: This London-based hearing loss organization also shares personal stories from the community it serves.

I Look So I Can Hear: Tina also lives in London, but shares her own personal stories, as well as her opinions on current events concerning those with hearing loss.

We’re All Ears: This hearing loss advocacy group follows the same line as its London counter part, but features stories from its Australian members.

Deaf Japan: Deaf Japan provides an insight into the current events in the Japanese hearing loss community.

Grand Piano Passion: Like our other featured bloggers, Nancy M. Williams is a writer with hearing loss. Unlike our other featured bloggers, Nancy is also a passionate musician.

My Thoughts: Jennifer Gibson does more than just blog. She’s turned her writing to the world of young adult fiction with her stories on Jesse, a teenager dealing with bullying, romance and hearing loss.

Deafinitely Girly: “Deaf Girl,” as she likes to be known, uses her blog as a platform for hearing loss advocacy as well as an outlet for her daily experiences on the streets of London.

SayWhatClub: This hearing loss forum includes blog posts from several of its members, including those in the deaf community.

Hear We Go! The Adventures of Butters: What do you do when your newborn has profound hearing loss? You start a blog, of course, just like Eleanor Jones did.

Deaf Expressions: Michele Bornert has gone through cochlear implantation and removal, yet still preserves her humorous outlook on life.

Angelic Ears: Elise Faucheaux shares her stories on the joys and fears of raising a baby boy with Usher syndrome.

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