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Complete Hearing Solutions | Hearing Center Interview

Complete Hearing Solutions | Hearing Center Interview Hearing center specializes in prevention, identification and treatment of hearing loss for Lincoln residents. 2014 552 Complete Hearing Solutions | Hearing Center Interview

Thanks to a great professor in her college Introduction to Audiology class, Dr. Sandra Miller realized audiology combined a lot of characteristics she loved into one profession. You might call it love at first class.

“I loved the diagnostic part of trying to figure out what was causing the problems and the rehabilitation side of the relationship building process,” she said. “Audiology is not just ‘fit a hearing aid and be done with it’ kind of job.”

Dr. Miller worked for a neuro-otologist for the first three years after graduation, followed by 15 years with an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) practice. “When the physicians we were working with decided to become part of the hospital, I approached them about buying the hearing aid practice and they agreed,” she said. “We changed our name but other than that, our patients never saw any disruption of service.”

Dr. Sandra Miller

Today, Complete Hearing Solutions specializes in the prevention, identification and treatment of hearing loss for Lincoln residents. Their patient philosophy is to treat each one as an individual and develop a treatment plan that is in their best interest. They even have front door parking!

The audiologists believe in putting their patients’ needs first. Uniquely, they set aside time during the week for walk-ins and emergencies and allow patients to take hearing aids home for a demonstration so they can see how they’ll work in their individual hearing environments. Other audiologists include Dr. Meghanne Wetta and Cara Frost.

“It’s the most rewarding job I can imagine having,” Dr. Miller said. “You get to change people’s jobs everyday through better hearing. Our patients often say ‘I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner.’ It’s very, very rewarding.”

One of her favorite hearing device success stories involves a gentleman in his late 70s who was wearing 5-year-old hearing aids and had very minimal speech understanding. “I measured and fit him with a Lyric, then walked down the hall and talked to him,” she said. “He answered me beautifully. I was surprised at how much success he had. When he came back for a follow up with his daughter, she said “we can watch movies together now. We’re just overjoyed.” He’s one of my favorites because he continues to do so well.”

Complete Hearing Solutions is involved in the local Chamber of Commerce and Independent Business Association. They also participate in healthcare seminars, health fairs and in-services. “People need to understand what audiology is and that much of their health is tied to hearing loss,” she said.

Dr. Miller said her biggest challenge is convincing people to seek treatment for hearing loss. Now that hearing aids can connect wirelessly to other pieces of technology – such as telephones and televisions – quality of life can be greatly enhanced.

“We take our hearing for granted because hearing loss happens so gradually,” she said. “I wish we had a higher incidence of people who have their hearing tested and actually do something about it. Some people don’t know what they’re missing.”

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