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Advanced Hearing Solutions | Hearing Center Interview

Advanced Hearing Solutions | Hearing Center Interview Dr. Crosby works in partnership with her patients to help them achieve the best hearing possible. 2014 548 Advanced Hearing Solutions | Hearing Center Interview

Noël Crosby, Au.D. worked for an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) physician, as a hearing aid trainer and as a sales representative before deciding she was ready to go into private practice. The journey, she said, helped her learn which practices she wanted to incorporate into her own successful business when the time was right.

“I had eight years of being out and about in various offices to see how other hearing centers do things, so I absorbed ideas of how an office should be,” she explained. “In 2005, one of my accounts decided he wanted to sell. I decided it was time for me to go into private practice and purchased it in 2006.”

Noël Crosby

Advanced Hearing Solutions’ main office is in Englewood, with a satellite office in Boca Grande. Staff includes Renee Girodana, audiology assistant and Michael Crosby, office assistant.

Dr. Crosby said she works “in partnership” with her patients to help them achieve the best hearing possible. “I don’t give up on them easily,” she said, “even when they give up. My husband says I care more about whether my patients hear well than they care themselves. I consider it a personal failure if I’m not able to help somebody.”

Her favorite part of being a hearing healthcare professional is seeing the difference she makes in patients who become successful hearing aid users. The most challenging part of her job is dealing with patients who have waited too long to address their hearing loss – as well as manufacturers who advertise hearing solutions by putting the emphasis on the device instead of the patient.

“People don’t understand all the work that goes into helping patients be successful with their hearing instrument,” she said. “You can’t just march into someplace and buy it. There are hours of counseling and guidance necessary to learn how to get the most out of it.”

One of her favorite hearing device success stories involves a patient who had good hearing aids, but was still struggling with how to get the most from them. “She was willing to use new technology, so I coupled her devices to Bluetooth and remote microphones. It made a huge difference. That allowed her to minimize the background noise she was experiencing so she could hear on her iPhone. That (type of counseling and guidance) is something you won’t get when you purchase hearing devices online.”

In addition to writing articles for a local health and wellness magazine, Dr. Crosby lectures about hearing healthcare in the community and is part of a team of audiologists who do screenings at local Lion’s Club events. She believes strongly in regular maintenance and encourages her patients to come in every four months to have their hearing aids cleaned.

“I come from a background in so many areas of the field, I tend to bring my own unique thoughts to it,” she said. “I view my work as a partnership with my patients. I don’t know everything so we have to work together to get them hearing the best they can hear.”

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