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Oticon celebrates 110 years of helping people

Oticon celebrates 110 years of helping people Oticon, the company that has brought many firsts to hearing care, but none more important than th... 2014 536 Oticon celebrates 110 years of helping people

Oticon, the company that has brought many firsts to hearing care, but none more important than the commitment to always put People First, commemorated its 110 anniversary in June. To celebrate, the company has planned a series of activities in the humanitarian spirit that in 1904 led Oticon founder Hans Demant to create a business dedicated to improving the lives of people with hearing loss. 

 “Oticon may be the oldest among the leading global hearing device manufacturers, but our continued focus on research and insight-driven innovation keeps us at the forefront of advances in both audiology and technology,” said Oticon President Peer Lauritsen. “We are committed to increasing the potential of quality hearing care and solutions to empower people to communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively. At the same time, we remain grounded in our heritage of People First and our appreciation of the critical importance of the practitioner-patient relationship.”

To mark the milestone anniversary, Oticon launched 110 Days of Giving. Last month, Oticon began donating $110 to 110 charities chosen by hearing care professionals throughout the U.S.

A Company of Firsts

A long list of technology and audiological “firsts” are testimony to Oticon’s unwavering focus on insight-based innovation that anticipates user needs. A combination of consumer insight and feedback from hearing care professionals enables Oticon’s multi-disciplinary team to continue to learn, find new ways to do things better and bring ground-breaking firsts to market.

The result is a company that consistently sets new standards in hearing care, from Digifocus, the world’s first digital hearing instrument to Agil, the world’s first cognitive friendly hearing system. More recently Oticon introduced Alta, a newer way for hearing care professionals to factor more personal dimensions into each fitting and Intiga, a solution that improves acceptance for first-time users from the first fitting.

In 2014, Oticon introduced a newly upgraded Streamer Pro that enables people who purchase Oticon wireless hearing instruments, including an existing base of 2 million current users, to connect to iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® via the Oticon ConnectLine App.  

“We anticipate and respond to changing user expectations and align those expectations with the possibilities of innovative technology and audiological approaches,” said Lauritsen. “There is nothing static about Oticon’s commitment to putting the needs of 'People First.'”

A Shared Success

For more than 110 years, Oticon has been a partner to hearing care practitioners and a champion of the critical importance of the practitioner-patient relationship. Oticon believes that this personalized approach benefits patients, building trust and confidence, optimizing hearing solution benefits and creating patient satisfaction. 

In 2007, Oticon was the first manufacturer to state that the company would supply its products only to distributors who directly fit and sell hearing solutions to end-users through face-to-face, in-person consultations.

“Together with our hearing care partners, we look forward to continuing to meet the user expectations for the next 110 years,” states Lauritsen. “And in doing this, we will expand the frontiers of modern hearing care  and remain true to Hans Demant’s legacy of improving the lives of people with hearing loss.”

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