A little sunshine from your hearing aids

A little sunshine from your hearing aids Hearing aids are in for summer, regardless of what activity you're going to jump in on! 2014 608 A little sunshine from your hearing aids

You might think hearing aids are complex to deal with, and it’s true they require daily attention, but have you ever stopped to think how much more time you spend trying to live a normal life without hearing aids? You can bet it’s harder and more time-consuming, not to mention mentally and physically exhausting.

Hearing aids are especially helpful in the summer, when you spend so much time at social events in outdoor spaces or other noisy settings. Summer is the de facto social season: the season for barbeques, picnics, baseball games, golf outings and days at the beach or the pool. Without your hearing aid, you’ll struggle to hear all the little things that make up the bigger picture you’ll look back on when it’s all over: the crack of the baseball bat, the thwack of your golf club after a good swing, the sizzle of burgers on the grill.

baseball fields and hearing loss
A baseball stadium can be loud, but as long as
you know how to use your hearing aid you
shouldn't have an issue!

You’ll also struggle to hear the really important things, like people talking to you or around you. You’ll miss out on snippets of the conversation or the punch line of a joke. If you’re in a wide, open space, like a golf course, you can have difficulty pinpointing where a sound is coming from. Hearing aids will definitely come in handy when you hear the telltale “FORE!”

At noisy events like a baseball game, hearing aids help you decipher and sort all the sounds bombarding you. If, for instance, the batter gets a base hit while you’re in the middle of a conversation with the person sitting next to you, the rest of his sentence could get lost in the sudden roar of the crowd. A hearing aid will help keep those two sounds separate and easy to understand. Additionally, it will help with understanding the announcer, whose voice can easily echo around the stadium with a low-grade speaker system.

You can just as easily struggle at indoor events as well, like the movie theater. While the Americans with Disabilities Act requires all movie theaters to provide assisted listening devices to the hearing impaired, you’ll be much better off with a hearing aid. Some theaters even provide handheld captioning devices that sit in your seat’s cupholder, but nothing compares to being able to fully immerse yourself in the film. When aliens are attacking Earth, sometimes you just don’t have time to read captions.

Now think of the beach. It’s often windy, and the sound of the waves rolling in is a constant source of background noise. Hearing aids are extremely helpful in these situations, since it’s difficult for the hearing impaired to focus on the sound of someone’s speech when there’s competing white noise. Throw in screaming kids, music, people splashing and laughing, and you have a whole cocktail of background sounds your brain has to sift through.

Incorporate your hearing aids into your summer plans. If you haven’t, schedule an appointment with an audiologist to have your hearing checked. Chances are if you’re reading this article, there’s a reason you looked it up. Take our online hearing test here to get started on your audial wellness check. Our hearing test will at least answer the most basic questions about your hearing health, and point you in the right direction for next steps.

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