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Universal Hearing Care | Hearing Center Interview

Universal Hearing Care | Hearing Center Interview An exceptional staff helps Universal Hearing Care provide exceptional service to the Tarzana community. 2014 579 Universal Hearing Care | Hearing Center Interview

Lisa Goldstein, M.A., jokes that she’s been practicing so long it’s difficult to remember why she chose audiology as a profession in the first place. “I took an audiology class in college that I really enjoyed and decided to continue,” she said, “or maybe it was the really handsome professor.”

All kidding aside, with 30 years as a hearing healthcare professional, Lisa went into private practice six years ago, saying she established Universal Hearing Care so she could take care of the Tarzana community on a deeper level. “Hearing loss is very emotional so we focus on being very patient,” she said. “If someone needs more support, we offer that hand holding. We’re very in tune with our patients’ needs.”

Lisa Goldstein
Lisa Goldstein

This philosophy on patient care allows Universal Hearing Care’s staff to focus on the overall patient experience instead of selling products. “There’s more to fitting a hearing aid than just selling it – I’m providing exceptional hearing care. That’s where the name “Universal Hearing Care” comes in. Patient care is a big aspect of being successful with hearing aids.”

Goldstein credits her exceptional team for contributing to that success. Judy Rubin Hodosh, M.A., is an audiologist and Pamela Leibenphal is the audiology assistant. “Pamela has been my right hand for the last five years,” she said. “She started out as the patient care coordinator and showed such ability, I trained her as my assistant.”

Universal Hearing Care participates in community events and hosts educational seminars in various locations through out the community. In addition, they visit senior living facilities where they conduct hearing aid checks and cleanings and provide hearing health information.

One of the biggest challenges Goldstein faces is patient expectations. “It’s challenging to help people understand their limitations,” she said. “Many times patients think they’re going to have super sonic hearing. Hearing aids are not perfect. They’re not going to give someone 100% ability I have to remind them that even with normal hearing, they didn’t hear everything perfectly.”

Still, the expression on the face of a patient who is feeling better once they’ve experienced better hearing is Goldstein’s favorite part of being a hearing healthcare professional.  “Their reaction when they come back in the office and are back in the hearing loop communicating with loved ones is incredible.”

One of Goldstein’s favorite hearing device success stories involves a long-time patient with profound hearing loss. “He had a lot of limitations based on his hearing loss,” she explained. “When Bluetooth connections became significant in the hearing industry and we connected him with all those devices, he was so thankful. He came back in the office and said it had been several years since he’s been able to talk to his daughter on the phone – and now he can.”

Although Bluetooth has been a significant addition in hearing technology, the most significant change Lisa has witnessed was the change from analog to d. “That gave us the ability to set up and make changes to the hearing aids instead of having to send them back to the manufacturer. Our ability to control that has been significant.”

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