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Siemens professional tools help practitioners grow

Siemens professional tools help practitioners grow Siemens has unveiled ProSuite - a best-in-class patient care concept for hearing care professiona... 2014 660 Siemens professional tools help practitioners grow

Siemens has unveiled ProSuite - a best-in-class patient care concept for hearing care professionals (HCPs). ProSuite is comprised of a series of tools and applications that can work together or independently to help support patient interactions, drive engagement and maximize opportunities for treatment success. Siemens is also introducing the Physician Outreach Program, which builds on new provisions of healthcare reform to help HCPs develop relationships with primary care physicians.  

Siemens ProSuite enables HCPs to engage patients throughout the entire patient journey of testing, counseling, visualizing treatment options, fitting and programming, acclimatization and rehabilitation. Three important components of ProSuite include Counseling Suite 3.0, the Unity 3 Testing and Fitting System,* and the Portable Fitting Kit.

Counseling Suite 3.0

Featuring a new tinnitus module and now available as an app for iOS and Android tablets, Counseling Suite 3.0 is an application that enhances patient buy-in by actively engaging the potential wearer in the decision-making process. Through a series of flexible, easy-to-use, and interactive modules, this consultation tool helps HCPs recommend the right product and technology level based on the patient’s hearing loss, lifestyle and personal preferences. 

Unity 3 Testing and Fitting System

Unity 3 is a modular and compact system that combines all the HCP’s diagnostic and fitting tasks into a streamlined process. The system is comprised of two independent USB-powered units including a Fitting Unit for audiometric and real ear measurement (REM) tasks and a Hearing Instrument Test box (HIT) unit. Both the Fitting Unit and the HIT Unit can operate independent from each other. Key attributes of Unity 3 include: 

  • Audiometer transducers feature a smart chip for storing calibration data. This means no onsite visits are required for calibration, yielding considerable savings** and reduced downtime.
  • The probe-mic (real-ear) system provides simultaneous binaural verification
  • Portable and lightweight, making it ideal for home, assisted-living, or nursing home visits.
  • When integrated with Connexx® fitting software, Unity 3 enables AutoFit, which provides real-ear fitting via Connexx. With the touch of a button, a first fit (a mathematical algorithm) turns into a best fit by taking into account the patient’s ear anatomy. This promotes workflow optimization and ultimately, patient satisfaction. 

Portable Fitting Kit

The portable fitting kit consists of ConnexxLink™ and Connexx software on a Windows 8 compatible laptop or PC tablet. HCPs may perform wireless fittings outside their office, directly in real-world hearing situations and wherever patients may be. When used with elements of Unity 3*, like the audiometer or probe-mic, it becomes a true office-on-the-go that is lightweight, functional and fully-mobile. 

“ProSuite represents Siemens’ commitment to provide hearing care professionals the tools they need to compete in today’s competitive market,” said Scott Davis, CEO, Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc. “It’s a way for our customers to really differentiate themselves by providing best-in-class patient care, helping to ensure even the most skeptical patients become delighted wearers.”

To help HCPs make the most of a fast-changing healthcare landscape, the Physician Outreach Program was developed. The program builds on the strength of the Siemens healthcare brand and provides a unique opportunity for HCPs to educate primary care physicians about the consequences of untreated hearing loss, including how it may affect the health and safety of their patients. The program equips HCPs with a summary of clinical data highlighting the connections between hearing loss and several co-morbidities, including depression, early onset of dementia, increased risk of falls, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer treatment.

“We hope hearing care professionals leverage this program to foster closer ties with their local medical communities, which in turn will lead to better patient outcomes,” added Davis. “We know today that the consequences of untreated hearing loss can have a far-reaching and devastating impact. By working together, hearing care professionals and physicians can detect and treat hearing loss sooner. This may help prevent more serious conditions, promote safety, and improve the patient’s health and independence.”

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