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Landmark Hearing Services | Hearing Center Interview

Landmark Hearing Services | Hearing Center Interview An atmosphere of fun and a commitment to quality and service provide a unique customer experience in Sunnyvale. 2014 549 Landmark Hearing Services | Hearing Center Interview

With all due respect to Norm and the cast of Cheers, Landmark Hearing Services might really be the place where everybody knows your name.

"I don't want to just be a medical device dispensary," Sandra Wendschlag, Au.D. said. "I want Landmark to be a fun place for patients to come in. We work really hard to create a dynamic customer experience from the moment patients call, including addressing everyone by name when they walk in the door as well as when they leave."

hearing center interview

Dr. Wendschlag said she named the clinic Landmark for a reason. "I want every patient to be able to say "I love what I hear." The word "Landmark" reminds me to never cut back on quality and service -- to always do our best all the time."

The hearing care practice also includes Amy Nelson, Au.D, and Heidi Nunez, who is the office manager and audiology assistant. "What is really becoming a niche for us are people who want a smaller place with better service," she said. "Some people just don’t want to go to a big box or a large medical clinic."

Patient interaction is Dr. Wendschlag's favorite part of being a hearing healthcare practitioner; however, she's also committed to partnering with people on improving their quality of life. "Sometimes we take part of our visits and don’t talk about hearing at all," she said. "We talk about the challenges of living alone or the job they lost. We want them to feel we are on this journey along with them."

Because Landmark Hearing Services is situated in Silicon Valley, the audiologists see a lot of professionals who work in the technology field. "I find we are seeing younger and younger people all the time," Dr. Wendschlag said." They are professionals in their 50s and 60s working in the high tech world so connectivity is really nice for them."

Even so, one of Dr. Wendschlag's favorite hearing device stories involves an older patient who learned to use new technology to communicate better. "She was only using her cell phone for emergencies because she couldn't hear on it at all," Dr. Wendschlag said of her 82 year-old patient. "I fit her with hearing aids and a Bluetooth streamer. Now her cell phone is the only phone she uses because she can hear so well."

In addition to being a donation and dispensing site for the Ear of the Lion Foundation, a Lion's Club philanthropy which fits underprivileged people with used hearing aids, Landmark Hearing Services is involved with improving quality of life all over the world.

"Our philanthropy is not always hearing related," Dr. Wendschlag said. "We've taken some mission trips to Tanzania to provide hearing care for their residents, but we've also funded two deep water wells in Africa." Landmark Hearing Services also participated in Help One Child, a foster care support system, donating $12,000 to date. 

Besides Bluetooth technology, open-ear hearing devices are the most significant change in hearing technology Dr. Wendschlag has seen since she entered the field. "I’ve been in audiology almost 30 years," she said, "and hearing devices are so much better than they were before. It's so much easier to fit people. Hearing aids are not your old person’s device anymore."

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