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Alternate ideas to ring in the holidays

Alternate ideas to ring in the holidays New Year's Eve is often an event for raucous parties, champagne, blasting music and late nights out with friends. 2013 457 Alternate ideas to ring in the holidays

The holiday season often lends itself to raucous parties, champagne, blasting music and late nights. But if you have hearing loss, you probably dread this kind of celebration because it's nearly impossible to hear anyone that isn't speaking directly into your ear, and you can forget about lip reading in a dimly lit club or party space with flashing strobe lights!

However, many people find that these parties aren't all they are cracked up to be. Why not find other awesome ways to celebrate the holiday spirit? Here are some tips for alternate celebrations. 

Go to a movie

Head to a late showing of a movie you've been wanting to see with your significant other or friends. Chances are, the movie theater will be sparse and you'll have the movie nearly all to yourselves, especially if you choose a film that has been out for awhile. Use CaptionFish to find a theater and show times near you that have CaptiView®, Sony® Access Glasses or Rear Window® closed captioning. These devices allow you to have your own captioning mechanism or glasses to watch the film with captions projected onto the screen, although you'll be the only one who can see them.

Have dinner and a bake-off

Dining with hearing lossInvite a small group of friends over for a homemade meal and movies. For dessert, invite guests to bring their best cupcakes, cookies or other sweet treats. Have an official tasting and let the judging begin! Have a prize for the winners. This more intimate celebration will allow you and anyone else with hearing loss to have face-to-face conversations and lip read in a comfortable environment. You can still enjoy time with friends - it will just be more quiet!

Go out to dinner

Though restaurants can be noisy places during the holiday season, going out to dinner still beats a raucous party. To avoid being around very loud crowds, consider going to dinner early - around 5 p.m. - or have a late dinner after the revelers have left for their various celebrations. Here are some tips for dining out with hearing loss:

  • Choose a restaurant with good lighting if you depend on lip reading.
  • Sit with your back against the wall so background noise is not coming from behind.
  • Go with a small group so you can more easily see faces, and request to sit at a round table, if possible.

Have the kids over

If you have grandchildren, invite them for a sleepover. You can use a site like Pinterest to find fun and easy craft ideas for the kids. You can find fun holiday-themed treats to make together. Find do-it-yourself decorations and pieces and then hang them with balloons and streamers around the house.

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