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Professionals with hearing loss | Featured bloggers

Professionals with hearing loss | Featured bloggers Healthy Hearing takes a look at bloggers who are busy juggling their professional lives and their hearing loss. 2013 827 Professionals with hearing loss | Featured bloggers

During the month of September, Healthy Hearing will be featuring different bloggers in the hearing loss community. From individuals with cochlear implants to parents of children with hearing loss, we'll take a closer look at some of the top blogs and resources available to you! On Tuesday, we highlighted bloggers with 'The other sides of hearing loss.' Additionally, each Friday we will have a featured author, an individual who has published a book about their experiences with hearing loss. Make sure to visit Healthy Hearing's Facebook and Twitter pages to enter to win a copy of each book!

Hearing loss is something which impacts nearly every facet of a person's life. From something as simple as waking up in the morning to talking on the phone, individuals with hearing loss make adjustments throughout their entire day to make communicating easier. The following bloggers are busy juggling not just their personal lives with their hearing loss, but their careers as well. These bloggers provide readers with a look at the adjustments they make on a daily basis to ensure their personal and professional lives thrive, regardless of Individuals with hearing loss make adjustments to their professional lives.their hearing loss.

Eh? What? Huh? is written by a blogger who prefers to be known as (e. The parenthesis in the name is there to represent a hearing aid, meanwhile the e is symbolic of an ear. While the blogger has a bilateral sensorineural hearing loss (possibly since birth), she's also an itinerant teacher of deaf and hard-of-hearing students. Having worn hearing aids since the age of two, (e has worn hearing aids to help combat her profound hearing loss. Described as the 'hearing aid teacher' and 'speech teacher' by her students, (e enjoys the work she gets to do every day with her exceptional students and feels she can really form a connection with them due to her own personal hearing loss. 

Adventures of a Deaf Adult is penned by a 24-year-old who goes by 'That deaf girl.' Her blog, which once started as a way simply for her to vent her frustrations of her life with hearing loss, has turned into a place That deaf girl can share her experiences, successes and everyday issues she comes across. She's a computer technician and programmer and didn't learn sign language until the age of 17. She uses her blog as an outlet to chronicle her adventures, which may not seem all that daring to some, but can be arduous and downright tedious to her. Her deafness has taught her to be confident in the person she has become and in the event individuals or readers don't like who she is, she's not planning on changing for anyone else anytime soon. 

Georgia Pathway to Language and Literacy is written by a self-described idealist. Written by a hearing person, she is able to detail her day-to-day interactions with children who are hard of hearing or deaf. The blogger, Sophie, feels honored for the opportunity to be surrounded by so many inspirational individuals on a daily basis. Before joining the Georgia Pathway team, Sophie had little exposure to Deaf culture. Now, she spends most of her time fighting for the expanded language and literacy of children and adolescents who are deaf or hard of hearing. Georgia Pathway's slogan is the famous Frederick Douglas quotation, "once you learn to read, you will be forever free." 

The blogger behind The Cookie Bite Chronicles was diagnosed with a mild, mid-frequency hearing loss (described as a cookie bite because of its appearance on an audiogram) in 2009. Because of her profession as an art and design lecturer, the blogger's hearing loss was discovered. Her hearing loss went undetected for an extended amount of time, because she could easily hear in silence. Through The Cookie Bite Chronicles, the blogger is able to uncover strategies to help her deal with her rare hearing loss, in addition to vent and reach out to readers for their own life experiences. The Cookie Bite Chronicles gives a unique perspective into a lesser-known about form of hearing loss. 

Speak Up Librarian is the account of a hard-of-hearing librarian whose wit and humor make the blog an easy read. With the slogan "I'm a hard-of-hearing librarian who will never tell you to SHHH," readers are taken into Sarah's world as she navigates her professional and personal life with hearing loss. As a late-deafened adult, Sarah uses her blog as a way to come to terms with her hearing loss, adjust to life as a person with hearing issues and relearn how to communicate not only with hearing adults, but children as well. While Sarah has had to make sacrifices and adjustments when it comes to communicating with friends and family, her blog shows her journey to not only understanding her hearing loss diagnosis, but accepting it as well. Her stories are both uplifting and heart-wrenching and readers will appreciate her positive, but honest approach to life with hearing loss.

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