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Albuquerque Hearing Associates | Hearing Center Interview

Albuquerque Hearing Associates | Hearing Center Interview Carol Clifford has been in the hearing healthcare industry for more than 30 years, giving her the chance to see technology change and the ability to regain hearing improve.  2013 489 Albuquerque Hearing Associates | Hearing Center Interview

Conveniently located near some of the best shopping and dining in central New Mexico, Albuquerque Hearing Associates offers quality services for the region. With a passion for helping people and access to the most innovative technology on the market, Albuquerque Hearing Associates is there to consult and evaluate your hearing loss. Founder Carol Clifford is a nationally renowned speaker who started her first practice, Professional Hearing Services, in Chicago in 1987.

"In college, I found the diagnostic part of audiology fascinating," Clifford said in an email interview. "I have been lucky enough to continue to be fascinated by that part, but then also see how technology to correct hearing loss has changed. I really love technology, not just hearing aids but assistive technology, wireless connectivity, computers, the whole thing. The introduction of new concepts and ideas and options for patients keeps this fun for me."

Carol Clifford is the founder of Albuquerque Hearing AssociatesAlong with new technology, the diversity of her background offers her the opportunity to help patients on an entirely different level than some other audiologists.

"I have worked in the hearing industry for 30 years in different roles - private practice, hospitals, universities, hearing aid manufacturers, working with third party payers so I have a diverse set of experiences which brings a unique perspective to practice," Clifford said. "When I established this practice 15 years ago I wanted a very different experience than many hearing aid offices and medical offices. I want patients to experience a level of care and personalization unlike any other they have, and far beyond their expectations."

Hearing healthcare professionals are able to work with a variety of people, some of whose stories stick out among the rest. One of her favorites was an 80-year-old judge who is considered to be one of the brightest legal minds in the state. "He came into our office with two of his grown sons and his wife. He was subdued and there was a sadness about him that seemed out of place. As we talked, he revealed that he no longer felt like the patriarch of the family - he had lost his place as the head of this family because he couldn't communicate well. He felt stupid and insecure. We tested him and sent him home with a set of devices to try for a couple weeks. The man that came back 2 weeks later was not the same person. He was glowing and laughing and they all agreed they had him back."

Clifford has been able to see the industry change, and the quality of care improve. Her favorite part about her career is "sitting knee to knee with a patient and understanding what is important to them, and then working with them over time to find the correct solution. This is so much more rewarding than it was 20 years ago - we have better technology and can meet patients' needs."

To contact this clinic, read reviews or for more information regarding locations, hours of operations or methods of payment, please visit the Healthy Hearing professional section: Albuquerque Hearing & Balance.

Find more information by visiting the clinic's website at Clinic website.

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