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Sound Relief Hearing Center | Hearing Center Interview

Sound Relief Hearing Center | Hearing Center Interview With a family background in the industry, Julie Prutsman puts the utmost care and knowledge into her suburban Denver practice.  2013 458 Sound Relief Hearing Center | Hearing Center Interview

Dr. Julie Prutsman, founder and the face of Sound Relief Hearing Center, always knew she wanted to be in the medical field where she can help others. Located in the suburbs of Denver, Sound Relief Hearing Center was started by Dr. Julie and her husband Patrick. By May 2013 they opened a second location in Centennial, Colo.

Dr. Julie Prutsman is the founder of Sound Releif Hearing Center"After graduating from college with a pre-med degree in Biology, I was able to go to work as an assistant in my parents' audiology practice," Dr. Julie said in an email interview. "I knew I was in the right field the first time I helped with a hearing instrument fitting and saw the immediate difference we were able to make in that patient's life. I witnessed first-hand how hearing helps keep us [stay] connected with the ones we love, and I knew I wanted to help more people with hearing challenges share in this experience."

Dr. Julie takes pride in educating her patients and making the experience in her office as personalized and fun as possible. With a positive attitude and a passion to give people the confidence and joy of communication again, Dr. Julie has made it a priority to combat stigmas of hearing loss in order to diminish side effects of hearing loss such as depression and isolation.

"I am a third generation hearing specialist with six members of my family still active in the profession. My grandfather started the family in the profession in the 1950s in Grand Rapids, Mich. Over the years, we all moved out West and continued working in the industry by building audiology practices," she said. "By providing a warm, family-friendly experience in the suburbs of Denver, our goal is to provide the best technology available with the most personalized care possible to anyone searching for better communication and/or tinnitus relief."

Unfortunately, Dr. Julie does have to battle with stigmas and outdated thoughts of hearing loss.

"The biggest barrier to people getting help with their hearing is believing that hearing aids still look and act like the technology they saw their parents or grandparents wearing," she said. "However, nothing could be further from the truth when you look at all the changes we've had in hearing device styles and digital processing over the past few years."

Dr. Julie's goal is to spread knowledge of the vast opportunities available to those with hearing loss today: "You can't possibly know all that you are missing in terms of your hearing until we give it back to you again. Once you wear today's hearing technology, you will ask yourself why you waited so long to get help!"

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