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South Miami Audiology | Hearing Center Interview

South Miami Audiology | Hearing Center Interview Cindy Simon has been in the hearing healthcare industry for more than 30 years, and is currently servicing the South Dade area.  2013 441 South Miami Audiology | Hearing Center Interview

Led by Cindy Simon and Andrea Pernick, South Miami Audiology has been serving the South Dade area for more than 25 years in a warm, welcoming environment. The duo offers full-service diagnostics, including vestibular and tinnitus. 

Simon and Pernick enjoy the role the office plays in the community and improving the lives of people that come into the practice. Additionally, the practitioners work with musicians, night club workers and motorcycle riders, who are affected regularly by loud noises. Both practitioners ensure that patients who come through their door receive the utmost care and appropriate help.

south miami audiology, hearing loss, hearing aids, audiologists"We have developed relationships with family practice physicians and pediatricians. Truly, we treat everyone with the same care and courtesy we would want for our family members. We believe in full individual care," Simon said in an email interview. "Coming to our office, you are not a number for an individual by name. You are not a 15-minute appointment but you get full care and attention and all results are carefully checked. Family/significant others/caregivers are always included in the visit. We look at the entire individual, their lifestyle, their personal communication needs, etc.  We explain everything and answer all questions. Everyone is treated equally."

For Simon, all the hard work is worth it "when I can help others. When I see the smile because a child suddenly hears, or when a tinnitus patient is more relaxed," she said  in regards to her favorite part of the career. "[I love] when a teen with misophonia, ready to be homeschooled, can join her class again." Misophonia is the inability to tolerate everyday sounds, causing irrational reactions such as anxiety, panic or despair. 

Although Simon did not intend to be in the hearing healthcare industry, she takes pride in the care she and Pernick are able to give to the community through South Miami Audiology.

"I had an 11-year-old [patient] with misophonia. It started with issues during mealtime with her family," Simon said. "When I met her, she had not had a meal with her family since she was eight. We got her on a program with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) - a strategy that helps misophonia sufferers through exposure to trigger noises - and noise therapy using music on her iPod. Later, when she began having problems in school with the breathing of others, she received ear level noise generators. Since the day we met her, she has not missed a meal with her family. Her mother was so pleased. She now only uses her noise generators during lunch in school."

To contact this clinic, read reviews or for more information regarding locations, hours of operations or methods of payment, please visit the Healthy Hearing professional section: South Miami Audiology.

Find more information by visiting the clinic's website at Clinic website.

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