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Preferred Hearing Care | Hearing Center Interview

Preferred Hearing Care | Hearing Center Interview Located in Springfield, MO., Preferred Hearing Care is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the local Chamber of Commerce. 2013 404 Preferred Hearing Care | Hearing Center Interview

Located in Springfield, MO., Preferred Hearing Care is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the local Chamber of Commerce. As a dedicated hearing healthcare facility, Preferred Hearing Care takes technology and service to the next level with its highly trained team of National Board Certified hearing aid specialists.

Preferred-hearing-care-Sue-EckstamAfter decided to switch careers in her mid-thirties, Sue Ekstam, took an Intro to Communication Sciences Disorders course and deemed audiology her life-long career. After spending about five years as a practitioner, Ekstam traveled the country for 11 years training other audiologists and hearing instrument specialists in the newest technology in the industry. With her experience on the road and researching burgeoning hearing aid technology, the unique skill set that she accumulated has helped her hone in on issues that patients typically suffer from.

"I love working with patients. That satisfaction of watching someone say: "Oh, I can hear again!" and taking their existing technology and making that instrument work for them," she said. "If they've been fit improperly, I enjoy just being able to fix that for them."

Preferred Hearing Care boasts the philosophy that the patient is always right. "If a patient tells me they are not hearing well or they don't like something, and I've worked with them long enough where I can tell that it's not working for them, I make an effort to fix that. I don't like to tell patients 'oh, just wait another week and you'll get used to it.' I try to be honest and open with patients, and if something is not right, we'll work with them until we get it right."

After many years in the industry, Ekstam still gets reminded that she is in the right industry regularly. Her philosophy of having confidence in a patient's requests and concerns has lead to many success stories. Recently, Ekstam was attending a health fair and was approached by a gentleman that used instruments from the facility about four years prior, but had never been happy with the results. After encouraging him to come into the office to make adjustments, she found his device to be damaged and working improperly.

"It needed to be sent in for a repair," she said. "I gave him a demo pair with new technology for the meantime. The man started crying and said: 'For the first time, I can actually hear. This sounds wonderful.' It was very moving."

To contact this clinic, read reviews or for more information regarding locations, hours of operations or methods of payment, please visit the Healthy Hearing professional section: HearingLife - Springfield.

Find more information by visiting the clinic's website at Clinic website.

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