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How Healthy Hearing monitors its clinic reviews

How Healthy Hearing monitors its clinic reviews Healthy Hearing clinic reviews are read carefully to provide reliable, unbiased and patient-provided experiences. Each review is individually screened, verified, edited and hand-typed into the website. 2014 546 How Healthy Hearing monitors its clinic reviews

Healthy Hearing is passionate about your hearing health – and about the content we post on our site. That’s why we personally screen every clinic review our readers submit.

Each review is thoroughly examined before it is posted on the website. In order to protect patient privacy, we identify the author of the review by their first name and the first initial of their last name. The city and state are listed beneath the review, but never with a street address or phone number.

We also edit out any sensitive personal information and remove content or information that isn’t directly related to the experience received at the clinic.

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Healthy Hearing reviews are collected through
the mail, telephone and website! 

In an effort to provide our readers with fair and accurate information, we delete obscenities, derogatory or discriminatory content and misleading information. We check each review to make sure the content is consistent with the star rating that was assigned to it. Reviews that are promotional in nature – and clearly designed to promote a specific business or product -- also are disregarded.

According to Businessweek, 70% of individuals consult reviews before making a decision on a product or service. 

Individuals can submit reviews three ways and each method is monitored differently. Reviews received over the telephone are verified by a group of screeners.

Those received online are checked for relevant content in order to eliminate spam. Reviews received by mail typically originate from Healthy Hearing postcards the patient picks up at the clinic. These are then entered by hand by a member of the Healthy Hearing team. 

According to a recent survey conducted by the National Research Corporation, one in two Americans use online sources to research healthcare providers. These reviews provide unbiased opinions from like-minded individuals about the services and medical treatment they received.

In addition to sharing personal experiences, individuals also rate the clinics on a five-star scale, with one being "poor" and five being "excellent." In the event a hearing center receives a helpfully negative review, they are notified to help them provide better patient experiences. They are then able to respond to the negative review in order to present a clearer picture of the situation if needed. 

Healthy Hearing’s thorough efforts are entirely designed to provide you with the best, unbiased clinic information possible so you can make an educated decision on which clinic to trust with your hearing health. 

Here are a few tips for readers who are interested in writing reviews of their own:
• Write about your own experiences. If you haven’t visited the clinic, please don’t relate stories from others who have.
• Be accurate. Write factually and without exaggeration.
• Give specifics. Tell us what you liked as well as what you didn’t like. Provide as many details as you can about your experience.
• Write from the reader’s perspective. If you were looking for an ear health provider, what would you like to know about this clinic and their staff?

For more information regarding hearing center reviews or the processes followed by Healthy Hearing, please visit our terms of use or reviews page! 

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